The hotly anticipated Abbott-Wade Staircase is hot-off-the-press and available now!

Filled with photographs taken in the homes of real Abbott-Wade customers and all the information you’ll ever need to know, our customers are as excited about getting their hands on the finished copy as we are!

Not just another brochure: What makes this one different?

“I wanted the brochure to reflect our award winning family business and our huge wealth of experience because it’s something that gives me enormous pride – I think we’ve achieved that. We aren’t like our competitors and that’s the way we want it to be.” – Mike Wade

Unlike other brochures you may see – this one has been a real labour of love and has the personal touch. Rather than put our brochure in the hands of design studios and marketing executives who don’t truly understand staircases, Mike Wade and the Abbott-Wade family have been instrumental in putting the brochure together themselves. It is far from being just a collection of glossy photographs and carefully chosen quotations and soundbites. Like our previous brochure, it is a reflection of the honest way we conduct our business. The text has been written by our own staircase experts who know exactly what they’re talking about; written to inform and inspire – not to create any unrealistic fantasy using marketing jargon. Instead of building fake sets or clever computer renderings, Mike visited each of the homes with a photographer to meet genuine Abbott-Wade customers and capture each staircase in their real surroundings.

Mike who has been the driving force behind the brochure from start to finish and from cover to cover says, “Our company behind everything Craig and I do. We’ve built it from the ground up over 20 years and I love it, it’s a part of me as much as I’m a part of it – and I feel the same about this brochure.” 

It’s understandable, creating a brochure from scratch in no mean feat. From a sketch that started on the back of an envelope over a cup of tea, Mike developed the concept of the front cover handpicking the images which would be placed behind each of the letters and even choosing which recycled paper every copy would be printed on. “We send all our waste wood and the old stair parts we remove to be taken away for recycling,” quips Mike, “So it’d be nice to think that there’s an old staircase or some Abbott-Wade wood that’s gone into making the paper itself.”

What’s changed since the last brochure?

Since our last brochure was printed, our business has grown and so has our range – our new brochure has had to reflect this. Like our website, the new brochure guides our clients through New Flights & Renovations as well as the many styles and materials we offer.

It’s still informative and easy to read but you’ll also learn more about the Abbott-Wade experience and what happens behind the scenes to make our Award Winning family business what it is.

Showing the whole picture

Our new brochure showcases the range of the materials we use as well as ideas for combining materials and styles. In addition to a double-spread showing a delectable smorgasbord of staircase options and terminology (p44-45), the Abbott-Wade brochure is full of pages dedicated to different design options to whet your appetite for a new staircase:



As oak is the popular timber choice amongst our customers it features prominently in the brochure along with many of the popular spindle styles from our range but you can also read pages featuring other hardwoods such as walnut (p22) and sapele (41) as well as painted staircases.


We offer a range of glass options and this is evident in the brochure with many pages dedicated to the options available such as embedded (p6), clamped (p7) or frameless glass (p8) not to mention the different types of glass on offer like Optiwhite (p10) sandblasted (p12) or bronzed (p13). The images of the beautiful staircases speak for themselves but simple no-nonsense text explains more about each of the options available.


Whether you’re looking for modern stainless steel rails (p21-22) or timeless forged steel spindles (p26)- it’s all here in words and pictures which will inspire and inform you about making the right decision.

Bespoke Design Options

Every staircase we install is unique with customers choosing styles, materials and combinations best suited to their tastes and their home. Thats why we’ve included some of our favourite ideas to show ideas like combining oak with white (p18) making the most of split-level living spaces (p11), using bespoke colour (p19) or mixing forged steel spindles with other materials (p27).


Know your stuff

We’re the staircase experts – not you, but we don’t want you to be baffled by staircase science and we want you to make an informed decision and the right decision for your home – that’s why unlike other companies we don’t rely on pictures alone.

Right at the beginning the brochure your find our page dedicated to Staircase Terminology (p5). This means when our designer comes out to see you you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about. You’ll also find a glossary on page 44 showing many of the options available to you all in one place!


The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

We’re a small, family business and we don’t pretend to be anything we’re not. We wear our many awards proudly (p3) and allow you meet all our staff face to face (p55). You can read real comments from our customers throughout the brochure with genuine case studies describing the full journey with Abbott-Wade from beginning to end (p46-51) featuring staircases of all shapes, sizes and styles. As a demonstration of our personal service you’ll even see handwritten testimonials  from our customers on the back cover of the brochure.

Get in touch using the contact form below or call us on 01744 634442 to order your free copy today. While you’re at it we can also arrange for a member of our experienced design team to give you a call to discuss ideas for your stairs and even arrange a free, no-obligation design visit. It’s all part of the Abbott-Wade Experience.

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