Embedded Glass Staircase

An embedded glass staircase from Abbott-Wade offers a simple style with clean, defined lines and elegant beauty and can massively improve the appearance of not just your hallway, but your entire home. For an exquisite look, you can pair the design with carpeted treads as well as including a non-slip oak feature step which will extend the bottom of your embedded glass staircase to provide a warm invitation for visitors to ascend your new flight of stairs.


This style of staircase allows light to pour through your home and it is made possible by placing a glass panel between the handrail and baserail of your staircase renovation. This sleek, streamlined look eliminates the need for brackets and you can rest easy in the knowledge that our glass staircases are fitted with panels made from 10mm thick toughened safety glass. Your embedded glass staircase will feel open and light while the safety of those who use the flight will never be compromised.

We can call on more than 20 years of experience when it comes to creating an embedded glass staircase for your home. Take the first step to a new staircase by arranging a home consultation with our design team. They can show you material samples and discuss your design options.


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