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Many people choose to redecorate the rooms in their home every few years or so, but the staircase can often be left neglected and untouched for a lengthy period of time. A staircase renovation can transform the whole look of your home.

Staircase Refurbishment

A staircase renovation from Abbott-Wade, one of the UK’s leading staircase refurbishment companies, can bring a dated and tired staircase back to life and in keeping with existing trends and fashions. If your stairs are still structurally sound, then a staircase refurbishment is the best course of action to take when looking for a redesign of your staircase.

With a range of materials and bespoke designs available to our customers, an old staircase renovation can create a new feel to your entire home. Usually, this service is performed by using a stair veneer to spruce up your staircase and to create the impression that you have had a completely new staircase installed in your home.

For further information on staircase renovations, check out The Abbott-Wade Guide to Staircase Renovations!


In every home, the staircase is a focal point. After all, the first thing most people see when they go through their front door is their staircase. Despite this, staircases are often neglected and overlooked. Transforming staircases is our speciality at Abbott-Wade and we perform our work in just one day for most of our staircase renovations.


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