Modern Staircase Designs

We make your dream modern staircase possible at Abbott-Wade. Upgrading or replacing your stairway with a contemporary staircase can bring the wow factor to your hallway, with all of our work completed in-house for a simple and straightforward installation. Our high-quality modern staircase designs and professional fittings allow you to transform your stairway and home in as little as one day.

When you arrange a consultation with our team, we can show you samples and explain the most suitable options available to bring the ideal modern staircase in your mind to life. You can incorporate whatever materials and styles you like to suit your current home décor or completely rejuvenate it. Our work will only commence once you’re happy with the final design, with a designated time frame and installation date to complete the project.

How do I make my staircase more modern?

From the materials you choose for the balustrades to innovative tread designs, there are many ways to add a contemporary and interesting twist to this often overlooked feature of your home.

If you’re going for a minimalist look, you could opt for floating steps, which let in lots of light and make your space appear larger. Alternatively, stylish glass panels are an increasingly popular choice with our customers. Whatever contemporary elements you’d like to incorporate into your staircase design, Abbott Wade will work with you, finding the perfect modern configuration to make an incredible difference to your home.

Modern staircase spindles

Far from the traditional spindles of yesteryear, there are now many modern staircase spindles to choose from. These come in a range of designs and materials, including:

Sleek wooden spindles – Wooden spindles don’t have to look dated. These modern staircase spindles are available either in oak or a painted wooden finish and feature a streamlined and contemporary design.

Sleek twisted wooden spindles – Similar to our sleek wooden spindles, but with a twist – literally! These modern staircase spindles will add interest and style to your home.

id Vu spindles – The id range of modern staircase spindles brings wooden staircase design into the 21st century with the innovative id Vu spindle. These modern wooden spindles add a new-perspective and visual appeal to your staircase with an eye-catching elliptical cut-out. These contemporary spindles are available in oak or with a painted finish.

id Flo spindles – A sculpted spindle with subtle curves, Flo modern staircase spindles will add a unique and striking visual effect to your hallway. These contemporary spindles create a wave effect which appears to flow when viewed from different angles. Like the iD Vu spindles, Flo spindles are also available in an oak or painted finish.

Glass spindles – Installed in the same way as embedded glass panels, glass spindles feature exposed edges for added sparkle.

Forged steel spindles – Love the look of wrought iron, but want to incorporate it into a modern staircase design? As steel can be forged into any shape, there is no end to the design possibilities that forged steel spindles can bring to your home. We think these modern staircase spindles look particularly stunning when paired with wooden balustrades.

Contemporary Glass Staircase

One of our most popular types of stair renovations is replacing worn-out wooden spindles with stylish glass panels. Our contemporary glass staircases comprise 10mm toughened glass stair panels, which make the space brighter and feel more open. You can choose from stainless steel or brass clamps to secure the glass panels to the base rail and handrail, or choose embedded glass for a seamless look.

One of the reasons why our modern glass staircases are so popular is that they require much less maintenance than traditional wooden spindles. They are much easier to clean – just a regular wipe down with soapy water will keep them looking new for years to come. No more dust getting trapped between the spindles!

Talk to us today about renovating your staircase by replacing wooden spindles with a contemporary glass staircase. You’ll find that the glass panels will open up the area massively by increasing the light flow. This little change can make even the smallest of hallways feel much more spacious.

Modern metal staircase

We have several options available for modern metal staircases here at Abbott Wade. Whilst often associated with office settings, the addition of steel to your home staircase can add a touch of upmarket elegance to your space.

Our modern metal staircase designs include forged steel spindles, brushed steel, and polished stainless steel balustrades.

Our forged steel spindles look stunning when paired with wooden banisters, whereas our steel or polished steel handrails look best with clamped glass panels.

Modern Spiral Staircase

modern spiral staircase, otherwise known as a helical staircase, could be for you if you love sleek accents and clean, simple designs. Fitting beautifully into contemporary, chic homes, our spiral staircases are installed following comprehensive digital site surveys.

We do this as the design and manufacture of spiral staircases require a level of skill and expertise beyond that which is needed for a traditional, straight staircase. Take a look at some of our modern spiral staircases here.

Why choose Abbott-Wade to create your contemporary staircase?

We offer an enticing selection of staircase components, from brushed steel and tinted glass to warm woods with contrasting paint. You’re bound to find the perfect spindles or balustrades and fitting styles to create an awe-inspiring modern staircase from our collection. Trust us to reinvigorate the backbone of your home and we won’t disappoint.

From the initial design stage to the final fitting, all work is carried out by our friendly and fully-trained Abbott-Wade staff – who have all been handpicked by our directors to join the North West’s Best Small Business. We draw upon 20 years of industry experience to design bespoke staircases to suit each individual customer’s needs. We’re committed to delivering excellence with every contemporary staircase we install, and we’re happy to take on any design challenge.

Feel free to browse our selection of modern staircases below and click on each design for more information. Once you have an idea in mind of the kind of design you’d like, simply get in touch with us to discuss the potential options for your new staircase.

Our experts are on hand to guide you through your options and help you decide on the best contemporary staircase design for your home. Contact us today through our online enquiry form or get in touch directly by calling us on 01744 634 442 or emailing us at

Glass Staircases

Contemporary Staircase FAQs

How can modern staircase spindles revamp my stairway?

Banisters don’t have to be boring. One of the easiest ways to spice up a staircase is to choose unique spindles to hold up the handrail. These vertical posts, also known as balusters, are often just straight pieces of wood with a little bit of carving to prevent them from being too bland.

At Abbott-Wade, we offer a variety of spindle styles to make your modern staircase special, so it’s sure to stand out in your home. You could stick to a more traditional stop-chamfered balustrade, go minimalist with a sleek spindle style, or add some more texture to the stairway area with twisted spindles.

For an ultra-modern and more artistic appearance, look to our stylish range of id spindles. These sculpted spindles offer a different perspective, with distinct curves and cut-outs adding striking visuals to your stair space.

If sculpted wood seems too traditional for your tastes, we also offer spindles made from forged steel or glass. Clean and simple steel immediately makes staircases look more modern, while sleek glass spindles add some luxury and sparkle where they reflect light. These spindles are an excellent option if you want to allow more light into the staircase area while retaining structural integrity.

Are glass staircases a good choice for modern homes?

Glass balustrades work especially well for modern split-level living, whether it’s a raised lounge area or a mid-level landing, to emphasise different spaces without closing them off.

Even for standard staircases, there are plenty of ways to create a modern glass centrepiece instead of an outdated stairway that nobody ever thinks twice about. You could go for embedded glass for an elegant seamless look or add stainless steel balusters or clamps for some modern definition.

When it comes to the glass itself, it doesn’t even have to be classic clear glass. Why not try bronzed glass for a warm golden tone, or sandblasted glass for a contemporary frosted look?

Translucent glass will still allow light through while creating an aesthetically pleasing barrier. If you’d prefer ultra-clear transparent glass for your modern staircase, Abbott-Wade was the first staircase joinery service to start offering Optiwhite™ for colourless glass without a green or blue cast.

What else could I do to modernise my stairs?

Unsure about sculpted spindles? Not sold on glass staircases? Don’t worry because these are far from being your only options at Abbott-Wade. There are so many ways to combine materials and create the contemporary staircase you didn’t even know you wanted, until you saw how incredible it could look.

If not polished chrome and glass, why not brushed steel and oak? Or how about softening glass and steel with an oak banister?

If you prefer a minimalist style, clean white paint can instantly modernise a staircase while making a more traditional wooden banister stand out. White stairs paired with glass balustrades are also brilliant at making your home feel brighter and more spacious.

Don’t forget that carpeting the treads is another customisable option that can change the whole staircase.

If you’re going with hardwood, your choice of wood stain can also transform the final look into something more unique.

Another way to update your staircase is to incorporate a feature step at the bottom of the flight of stairs.

A contrasting finish will draw attention to the step and make the staircase more inviting.

A bullnose step can create more definition and improve the flow between spaces, while a curtail step wraps around the newel posts at the bottom of the staircase for a truly bespoke feature step.

Are glass staircases safe?

People are sometimes reluctant to install glass staircases in their homes due to safety concerns. However, we can assure you that our glass balustrades are made from specially toughened glass and are completely safe.

If young children or pets are your main concern, we advise choosing close-fit solid glass panels for peace of mind. This means there won’t be any gaps where little limbs (or paws) could get caught.

Our expert installation team can even cut the glass to the shape of your stair treads for a perfect fit along every edge. You can opt for this modern style and allow your home to feel airier and more spacious, without compromising on safety.

Rest assured that all Abbott Wade glass staircase panels are made from high-quality 10mm toughened Pilkington glass. This will ensure that your glass balustrade not only looks spectacular but is robust enough to last a lifetime. Our quality craftsmanship and secure installation will ensure that your new glass staircase serves your home for decades.

How much are modern staircases?

If your stairs are looking rather dated, or have fallen into despair, having a staircase replacement will help to kick-start your home renovation.

A modern and stylish staircase can open up your space both structurally and visually, improving the aesthetics of your home as well as adding value to your property.

The amount you can expect to spend on a modern staircase depends on many factors. These include the materials used, for example wood, steel or glass, the number of flights, and whether you need your old staircases removing or you’d just like to make some upgrades.

On top of the cost of the staircase itself, you’ll need to factor in the labour costs for installation, too.

Give us a call today on 01744 634442 to speak to an experienced member of our team about your options. Alternatively, fill in our online contact form to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

What are the benefits of a modern metal staircase?

There are many benefits to replacing your dated wooden stairs with a modern metal staircase.

Steel staircases are often much less expensive than wooden ones. In addition, contemporary metal stairs don’t need regular maintenance, such as staining, varnishing, and sealing.  They are resistant to temperature and humidity changes, so won’t bend or warp like wood can.

Modern metal staircases, such as the steel staircases available here at Abbott Wade, are strong, durable, and built to last.  And as steel can be forged into many different shapes with ease, and combined with other materials such as glass for an added wow factor, there really is no limit to the design possibilities that come with modern metal staircases.

If you have any questions about steel staircases, or any of the other contemporary staircase designs featured on our website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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