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Here at Abbott-Wade, we are seeing more and more customers looking to purchase bespoke glass staircases, which is hardly a surprise due to their beautiful and contemporary design. Something as simple as replacing a regular balustrade for a glass balustrade can increase the elegance of your stairway from every angle. Such is the versatility of the glass staircase, it’s easy to create an interior space to be proud of, with a durable stairway that will outlast other designs.

Glass staircase panels provide an unobstructed view of your bespoke installation, while a glass balustrade paired with timber can create a stunning bespoke wood and glass staircase. This allows light to pour through whilst also creating the illusion of more space, which is especially helpful in smaller homes. A glass staircase can add a contemporary touch to any house, regardless of its existing style and age – one of the main reasons why this fashionable design is a fixture in so many modern homes today.

The transparency of glass staircase panels also provides a sense of simplicity, with this barely-there look offering a fluid view of your interior. After all, why should each of your floors be cordoned off from each other? With all of the benefits they can bring, glass staircases deserve to be one of the star attractions in your interior design. Make sure you give this area of your home the attention it merits by considering this excellent architectural style.

At Abbott-Wade, we specialise in the production and installation of glass staircases, so there’s no better team to call if glass staircase designs pique your interest. Our expert team skilfully tackles all jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible without ever compromising on quality.


Glass Banisters & Staircases

All of our glass staircase panels are made from the highest-quality glass around, with 10mm toughened Pilkington glass ensuring that your glass balustrade not only looks stunning but is strong enough to last a lifetime. This guarantees that you’re purchasing a durable glass staircase with 100% safe and secure installation that will serve your home for decades.

Like all of our projects, we can tailor our glass staircases to suit any design idea, such as an oak and glass staircase to provide the perfect blend between the two materials. As an Abbott-Wade customer, you can also select from Low-Iron Optiwhite glass or bronzed and sandblasted glass as an alternative to standard clear glass staircase panels.

We create and install each glass staircase in consultation with our talented team of designers, who will discuss the full range of design options with you prior to beginning any work. This way, we can all be sure that you’re getting exactly what you want out of your glass stairway. We use the finest materials whilst keeping the costs of glass staircases down, ensuring that you receive the best value for money service around.

No matter which glass balustrade design you have in mind, the staircase experts here at Abbott-Wade are on hand to help. We understand that the process of creating your dream staircase involves letting your imagination run wild, so if you have any specific glass staircase idea in mind, make sure you let us know! We can give you the lowdown on the logistical implementations, so you have an exact idea of what’s possible and how it will look when we finish the installation.

If you’d like to find out more about our glass staircases then get in touch with Abbott-Wade today, and we will gladly discuss any enquiries you have. Give us a call on 01744 632 442 or drop us an email at; you can also fill out our online form for a timely response.


Glass Staircase FAQs

To install a glass staircase panel, you should first remove the existing timber or metal balustrading and handrails. This allows you to dispose of the material that you no longer want in a safe and efficient way. Then we can start getting to work on installing your ideal glass staircase! The installation process will depend on your chosen design – for example, whether you’re going for a seamless look or supporting spindles.

The base rail is usually installed first, followed by newel posts, which tend to be at the top and bottom of the flight of stairs but may also feature at intermediate points. Glass panels are slotted into the groove of the base rail and held in place while the handrail is fitted on top to secure the panels. In some cases, metal clamps are used to secure the top and bottom of each panel to the base and handrail rather than sealing them into grooves in the wood.

Of course, there is far more detail to the process, including careful measuring, cutting, and drilling, but you won’t need to worry about this when you hire the professionals at Abbott-Wade to install your new staircase for you. If you do have any further questions about the installation process for glass staircases, feel free to contact us for more information.

Whichever design you select, we always use 10mm toughened Pilkington glass for your glass balustrade – you can rest assured that your staircase is safe with this kind of extra-strong glass. It provides a solid base that also looks the part, with little maintenance required to keep it clean.

Through consultation with our experienced design team, you can create a unique glass stairway design. After we finalise the plans and craft the required elements, we install your glass staircase in just one day, leaving your home exactly as it was prior to our work – apart from the addition of your stunning new staircase.
A glass staircase renovation is cheaper than a full staircase replacement, as you’ll be keeping the existing structure of your staircase the same whilst adding some new glass elements. At Abbott-Wade, we specialise in staircase refurbishments that work with your existing flight of stairs. We only remove the full flight if it isn’t structurally safe, or if the existing structure won’t work with your desired new design and you’re happy for it to be completely replaced.

Due to the bespoke nature of each of the installations we carry out, we don’t have a list of base rates available. We prefer to speak directly with our customers to obtain a full picture of their requirements before giving a price for the required work. The last thing we want to do is give you an off-putting quote based on loose specifications when the price may actually be much cheaper, depending on what you intend to do with your glass staircase.

To discuss a quote for a potential glass staircase design and installation, you can get in touch with our helpful and knowledgeable team, who can also arrange your free home survey with a member of our design team. Through detailed consultations with our experts, we can help you to finalise a realistic design that works with your stair structure and your budget. We always do our best to provide the best value for money for our customers.
If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of going for glass with your staircase renovation, here are ten of the major benefits you’ll get from installing a glass staircase in your home:

  • More light
Unlike opaque wood or metal, glass allows light to flow through, brightening the area around your stairway and reducing the need for more artificial light. Natural light is always more aesthetically appealing and cheerier, so why not enhance the ambience in your home by increasing light flow?
  • More space
In addition to making your interiors brighter, glass staircase panels also provide a less restricted view. This reduces the claustrophobic, closed-off feeling that some staircases can have and opens up the space instead. Glass balustrades can make the area feel much more spacious than it actually is.
  • Easy to install
Most glass staircases involve simple glass panels that are straightforward to install, meaning less preparation and an even faster installation time when professionals like Abbott-Wade do the work for you. With this staircase style, you’ll be able to enjoy your new high-quality stairs in no time.
  • Easy to maintain
Glass is a relatively hassle-free material to take care of; unlike wood, you won’t have to reapply stains or wax treatments to maintain its polish. All you have to do is wipe down the glass regularly or whenever you notice marks or stains, with a lint-free microfibre cloth and a simple cleaning solution.
  • Strong and safe
Lots of people have safety concerns about glass balustrades, especially in family homes with young children. However, there’s nothing to worry about, as the specially toughened glass is highly shatter-resistant. Glass panels also reduce the likelihood of things falling through gaps or getting trapped.
  • Extremely durable
Their structural strength and resilience against scuffs and scratches makes glass panels a safe choice for a long-lasting staircase. The material is so robust and requires so little maintenance that it’s sure to hold up for decades, with no noticeable changes to its quality or pleasant appearance.
  • Modern aesthetic
Sleek and minimal modern interior design will never go out of style, so many homeowners prefer to upgrade to this contemporary look from more traditional staircases. Glass stairways offer a special kind of elegant and sophisticated home décor that you simply can’t achieve with another material.
  • Versatile options
There are so many different designs and material combinations to choose from that a glass staircase becomes a truly unique fixture in every home that implements one. With a variety of possible textures and colours, glass also complements other materials including wood and metal very well.
  • Cost-effective
Quick to install, easy to clean, hardwearing – your glass staircase will save you on downtime during the installation, time and money spent on cleaning, and long-term repair or replacement costs. As attractive added features, modern glass staircases tend to increase the resale value of a home.
  • Eco-friendly
Toughened glass is incredibly long-lasting, but if it eventually wears down or if you decide to change your interiors again in a few decades’ time, glass is fully recyclable. It’s an extremely environmentally friendly option for staircase materials with little degradation over time, allowing it to be repurposed.
It may surprise some people to know that glass balustrades don’t always need a handrail. As long as they adhere to building regulations and are made from the correct type of strengthened glass, even frameless glass balustrades are completely safe. The balustrade itself provides a safety barrier for anyone climbing the stairs to prevent them from falling off the sides of the staircase.

That said, having a handrail provides extra security against tripping on the stairs themselves. Framing the balustrades with a handrail along the top strengthens the structure further, and also prevents the problem of being unable to see the glass panels unless they’re reflecting light. We do recommend having a handrail, but it’s really down to personal choice, and depends on the look you’re aiming for with your staircase design.

For more information on staircase handrails, you can check the UK Building Regulations online (look at Section 8.5.2 of BS6180:2011). Alternatively, get in touch with the team at Abbott-Wade and we can discuss the possibility of glass balustrades without handrails if that’s what you would prefer. If you’re not sure whether you want or need a handrail or not, we’re happy to talk through suitable options with you.
Think about how often you clean mirrors or windows in your home. You should be cleaning your glass staircase at least as often as this, if not more regularly. The best way to keep glass balustrades looking brand new is to clean them with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemical solutions or abrasive scrubbing tools, as these can damage the glass. Simple soapy water and a sponge can get the job done easily enough.

If somebody spills something on the glass or you notice dirty marks on it, clean it as soon as possible rather than leaving it until later, as stains can become harder to remove the longer they have to set in. As well as regularly cleaning the glass, you should polish it up with a dry cloth every now and then. You may also want to apply a dirt-repelling protective coating if this is compatible with the particular finish of your glass.

Every time you clean or polish your glass balustrades, be sure to check everything over for even the smallest sign of damage. Whether it’s a scratch or chip, or a loose fitting, you must get it sorted as quickly as possible to prevent it from getting worse. To avoid such damage occurring, ensure that everyone in the house uses the staircase appropriately, and avoids carrying sharp and/or heavy objects up or down the stairs.



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