Glass Staircases & Banisters

Here at Abbott-Wade, we are seeing more and more customers looking to purchase a bespoke glass staircase, which is hardly a surprise due to its beautiful and contemporary nature! Something as simple as replacing a regular balustrade for a glass balustrade can mean that your stairway will have an increased elegance from every angle, allowing your home to have the look of a modern glass staircase. Such is the versatility of the glass staircase, it’s very easy to create a living space or interior look that you can be proud of, and will outlast most other designs for years to come!

Glass staircase panels provide an unobstructed view of your bespoke installation, while a glass balustrade paired with timber can create a stunning bespoke wood and glass staircase.

This allows light to pour into your home whilst giving an effective illusion that you have more space in your home than you actually do. A glass staircase can add a contemporary touch to any house, regardless of its existing style and age, one of the main reasons why they are a fixture in so many modern homes of today!

The transparency of the glass material also gives off a feeling of simplicity, with this barely-there look being one of the go-to options when it comes to current design trends. It provides a fluid view of your interior, after all, why should each of your floors be cordoned off from each other? It is easy to see why glass staircase panels are becoming such a hit with customers when you notice all the benefits to your home they can bring! Glass staircases deserve to be one of the star attractions in your home, so make sure you give this area of the home the attention it merits by considering this find piece of architectural design.

At Abbott-Wade, we have specialised in the production and installation of glass staircases for many years now, so there is no better team to call if these designs have piqued your interest. Our skilled experts tackle all jobs head on, with the intention of completing them in the quickest and most efficient way, without lacking in quality.


Glass Banisters & Staircases

All of our glass staircase panels are made with the most high-quality glass around, with 10mm toughened Pilkington glass being used to ensure that not only will your glass balustrade look stunning, but can be backed up with substance! This glass will ensure that you have a safe and strong modern glass staircase installed in your home that will last a lifetime. Durability is the aim of the game with our glass staircases as, after all, why would you want to make a purchase for your interior design if you knew it wasn’t going to last?

Like all of our projects, our glass staircases can be made to suit any design idea, including an oak and glass staircase providing the perfect blend between the two. Also, as an Abbott-Wade customer, you can select from Low-Iron Optiwhite glass or bronzed and sandblasted glass as an alternative to our standard clear glass staircase panels.

Each glass staircase installation is made in complete transparency and consultation with our talented team of designers who prior to beginning any work will discuss the full range of design options we have in place to leave you with a stunning, glass staircase in your hallway. We use the finest materials whilst keeping your glass staircase cost down, so you can be assured you are receiving the best value for money service around.

No matter what design of glass balustrade you have in mind, the staircase experts here at Abbott-Wade are on hand to help. We understand that the process of creating your dream staircase involves letting your imagination run wild, so if you have any specific glass balustrade idea in mind, make sure you let us know! We can give you the lowdown on the logistical implementation of your idea, so you have an exact idea as to how it will look when the staircase installation is finished.

If you’d like to find out more about our glass staircases then make sure you get in touch with us today, and we will gladly talk you through any enquiries you have. Give us a call on 01744 632 442 or drop us an email at You can also fill out our online form on site now.

To install a glass staircase panel you should first remove the existing timber or metal balustrading and handrails. This allows you to dispose of the material that you no longer want and dispose of it in a safe and efficient way, then we can start getting to work on installing your ideal glass staircase! We use 10mm toughened Pilkington glass for your glass balustrade – you can rest assured your staircase is safe and strong with this kind of glass. It will provide a solid base that also looks the part, so you needn’t worry about its maintenance apart from cleaning it every so often. Through consultation with our experienced design team, you can create a design unique to your home. After we have finalised the plans, we install your glass staircase in just one day, leaving your home exactly as it was prior to our work, apart from the addition of a new, stunning staircase. Sounds good, right?
A glass staircase renovation is cheaper than a full staircase replacement, as you will be keeping the existing structure of your staircase whilst adding some fine glass elements to make it an attractive glass staircase that will become a staple in your home for many years to come. Here at Abbott-Wade, we specialise in staircase refurbishments that work with your existing flight of stairs and we only remove the full flight if it is not structurally safe. Due to the bespoke nature of each of the jobs we perform, we prefer to talk directly with our customers to obtain a full picture of their requirements before giving a price. The last thing we want to do is give you an off-putting quote based on loose specifications when the price may actually be much cheaper, depending on what you intend to do with your glass staircase. To discuss a quote, you can get in touch with our knowledgeable, helpful team who will also be able to arrange your free, no-obligation home survey with a member of our design team.
There are many benefits to glass staircase designs, we’re sure that when you know about a few you may be swayed into installing a glass staircase in your own home! They allow light to pour through your hallway, which in turn creates an open, fresher feel in your space. It can also add the illusion that your space looks bigger than it actually is, and who wouldn’t want that? Glass can add a spacious element that we all crave in our homes, instead of making it look cramped, claustrophobic and plainly unpleasant on the eyes! Other advantages include being able to add a modern touch to an otherwise more traditional looking type of property. Each glass staircase design we create alongside our customers is done in keeping with the overall style of the home. If you’d like to find out more about the advantages of installing glass staircases, be sure to get in touch with our team of experts and we will gladly discuss them with you
A glass staircase is a wonderful aspect of a building, but for many, the presence of a handrail matters. If your staircase has a glass balustrade, then by UK building requirements, in most cases you don't need a handrail to support this. However, we recommend taking into consideration the overall structure and surrounding area before making the judgment for yourself. For any kind of staircase, safety should always be paramount. If you are unsure whether you need a handrail with your glass balustrade or not, get in touch with the team at Abbott-Wade today and we will gladly discuss your enquiries with you.



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