Staircase Replacement & Remodels

Once you have decided that you are changing the staircase in your home, as an Abbott-Wade customer, you will have the choice of a new staircase or a staircase remodel and renovation.

Changing Staircase

Providing that your existing flight of stairs is structurally sound, then a refurbishment is most often the best option to take. However, if your staircase has become unsafe or you would prefer a completely different design then a new flight will be required. In contrast to other leading staircase companies, Abbott-Wade will also reconstruct your staircase remodel using premium materials and offering a superb level of workmanship.

Should you need a complete new stairway, then do not worry about the cost to replace your staircase. Our devoted workforce lower overheads and thanks to our dedication to more than just profitability, Abbott-Wade keep the quality of the services we provide as high as possible and keep our prices down.


Regardless of the fact that the staircase is a focal point of the home, and one that is regularly used, it is a feature that is often disregarded when it comes to refreshing how your home looks. We have more than 20 years’ experience performing staircase renovations and usually complete our work in a one day.


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