Changing Staircase

Providing that your existing flight of stairs is structurally sound, then a refurbishment is most often the best option to take. However, if your staircase has become unsafe or you would prefer a completely different design then a new flight will be required. In contrast to other leading staircase companies, Abbott-Wade will also reconstruct your staircase remodel using premium materials and offering a superb level of workmanship.

Should you need a complete new stairway, then do not worry about the cost to replace your staircase. Our devoted workforce lower overheads and thanks to our dedication to more than just profitability, Abbott-Wade keep the quality of the services we provide as high as possible and keep our prices down.

Transform your staircase in as little as one day

Regardless of the fact that the staircase is a focal point of the home, and one that is regularly used, it is a feature that is often disregarded when it comes to refreshing how your home looks. We have more than 20 years’ experience performing staircase renovations and often complete our work in just one day.

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