Wooden Staircases Design

You can add warmth and richness to the heart of your home with a new wooden staircase or renovation from Abbott-Wade. We can build a new oak staircase to liven up your home’s decor or we can provide timber stairs in sapele, ash, walnut or painted tulipwood and in a range of contemporary and traditional styles.

Entering into a home that has a grand, timber staircase design gives off the instant impression that you are going into a classical home.


Oak Staircase

The strength of the materials we use to build a wooden staircase design we have created with a customer makes it a firm favourite amongst prospective clients. We use real oak and the unique grains and colours of the timber we use only adds to the beauty and rustic feel of your wooden staircase.

An oak staircase will not look out of place in any home, normally thought to suit older, more traditional homes, we can provide timber staircases in combination with other materials such as glass which create a more modern look and therefore still looks fitting in a newer, contemporary property.

If you have not seen the timber staircase design that you require on the Abbott-Wade site or in our brochure then do not worry. Our bespoke service allows for a custom stain finish on desired staircase style, while all our wooden staircases are sprayed and hardened to achieve a high-quality end product.

As with every staircase we design, each oak staircase style we can provide is discussed in detail with you, the homeowner, before any installation work begins. Because of this, you can rest in confidence knowing that the staircase you a receiving in your home is the exact design you desire.



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