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There’s a sure fire way of adding a touch of warmth and richness to your home, and that’s through a classic wooden staircase! Once you’ve decided to opt for one for your indoor space, you won’t look back as we can assure that an elegant wooden staircase design is something that is timeless and will never look out of place. Upon completion, you will be presented with a surprisingly versatile stairway that you’ll never get tired of using or looking at. All sounds good so far, right?

                        You may have the preconceived idea that a tradition wood staircase is outdated, but there’s actually a greater range of design possibilities than most people may be aware of.

                        When you need some help revamping your existing wooden stairs or you already have the perfect wooden staircase design in mind, look no further than us! Our team of professionals can assist you in creating your ideal stair case today, helping through every step of the process.

                        We can build a brand new oak staircase quickly and effectively so you can complete the interior of your dreams, giving your home a dash of style and well deserved luxury!

                        Entering a home with a grand wooden staircase makes it an attractive place to be for not only homeowners, but visitors too. Whether this is family or friends, they will all be in awe of your wood staircase and how it’s the perfect fit.

                        You’ll notice a stark improvement to the quality of your daily life, too, with a sturdy and beautiful oak staircase creating an enviable centrepiece to connect the levels of your home with ease. The style, colour and finish you choose can complement your current interior design scheme or provide a visually interesting contrast that’s easy on the eye.

At Abbott-Wade, we provide timber stairs in a selection of designs to add the perfect finishing touches to your traditional or contemporary staircase. This includes ash, sapele, walnut or painted tulipwood, the choice is yours! Whichever type of wood and spindle or banister style you choose, we can guarantee quality craftsmanship and effective installation. You’ll be enjoying your splendid wooden staircase from Abbott-Wade for many years to come.


Make use of an excellent wood staircase

The strength of the materials we use and the level of input we encourage from our customers makes our wooden staircase design service a firm favourite amongst prospective clients. We use real oak to make our staircases, complete with unique grains and colours, the most beautiful wooden staircase options around. Whether you prefer a more rustic look or a stately polished style, we can fulfil your aesthetic aspirations without a problem.

Normally, you might think of wooden staircases as commonplace in older and more traditional homes. This is certainly true, but wood is popular in homes in the modern day, too. For a cutting-edge finish, it’s possible to pair classic wood with other materials such as glass or metal to create a trendier look. If this idea takes your fancy, be sure to check out our selection of contemporary staircase designs.

If you haven’t seen the ultimate wooden staircase design hat you desire on our website or via our brochure, then why not create your own? Our bespoke service allows you to combine your desired staircase style, including your choice of bannisters and balusters, all with a custom stain finish. Each of our wooden staircases are sprayed and hardened to achieve a high-quality end product, so your tailored design is sure to last.

Before any work begins on your wood staircase, we will discuss every option and lay out each step of the process with the most important person – you, the customer! We want you to be confident in the final design choices and be assured that the end product will be exactly what you have envisioned during the consultations with our team.

If you have your eye on a wooden staircase from Abbott-Wade and would like to find out more, or if you have any other enquiries about our services, be sure to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team. Our staircase experts are reachable via telephone on 01744 634 442 or by sending an email to You can also get in touch by filling out our online form today.

Wooden Staircase FAQs

To make sure that you receive the best possible deal at all times, you’ll have to get in touch with our team to find out a price. Since our stair designs aren’t a one-size-fits-all service, we don’t offer base rates at Abbott-Wade. This way, we can use our industry knowledge and expertise to produce a quote that is not only accurate, but fair and one that takes each of your requirements into account. The value of a staircase depends on a number of varying factors, including the size, shape, and materials used. So, as much as we would like to, we simply can’t state a definitive cost for a wooden staircase. We wouldn’t want to quote an initial price based on vague requirements, only for the actual cost to be much lower.

What we can say is that we strive towards offering the most competitive price around. Even if you’re unable to replace your staircase completely, our staircase renovation service aims to provide the most value for money when acquiring a high-quality wood staircase for your home. You can be sure that you’re receiving an excellent product for low end prices when it comes to working with Abbott-Wade.

To ensure that your dream staircase is within your means, make sure to work out your budget before you begin to design it. Though we would all like the most luxurious staircase around, most of the time this simply isn’t possible due to financial constraints. Our experience and expertise in the area allow us to offer a fair price that exactly fits your requirements, with a guarantee that we will perform the job to the highest possible standards.

If you would like to find out more about our bespoke service and obtain a free no-obligation quote from a member of our team, then be sure to get in touch. Whether you phone or email us, we’re happy to arrange a consultation to discuss your wooden staircase requirements. You can expect nothing but upfront honesty from Abbott-Wade, with no hidden costs to worry about later.
Installing a wooden staircase can be quite a complicated process for someone with no prior experience in joinery. This is why we always recommend enlisting the help of a professional to ensure you end up with a structure that is safe and durable.

With the know-how that the team at Abbott-Wade has, we’re able to make light work of the job. This means that you needn’t worry about any extended delays or unnecessary hold-ups from our end – we have all the materials and expertise ready to start your wooden staircase installation whenever you are.

Abbott-Wade promises minimal disruption to your daily activities while we install your new staircase in next to no time. We prepare all components beforehand and trim onsite if necessary to ensure that all of the wood is at the perfect size, down to the millimetre. This ensures a smooth fit for a visually appealing and, most importantly, safe structure that you can use for a lifetime. When installing the staircase, we start from the top and work our way down to the bottom, installing treads and risers before finishing with the spindles or balusters, newel posts, and handrails.

This may sound straightforward, but installing a staircase properly requires a lot of attention to detail and proficiency with the required tools. This is something we have in abundance at Abbott-Wade, only sending out the finest in the role to perform the installation. No matter the size of the project, how big or small, we’re on hand to give you the staircase of your dreams.

Explaining the full process of installing a wooden staircase to a beginner can be quite the challenge, so why deal with the confusion when you can call on one of our experts to do the job for you? All you’ll have to do is sit back, relax, and watch your dream staircase come to life in a matter of hours. If you do require more information about the installation process, feel free to get in touch.
Abbott-Wade’s team of experts are specialists in restoring staircases to their previous condition. We’ve seen many instances where wooden staircases look tired after years of wear and tear or neglect. Why should you accept this when you can easily restore or renovate your old staircase? The answer is, you shouldn’t. Which is why you should get in touch with our expert team today so we can get to work on transforming your stairs to something you can be immensely happy with.

There’s nothing we love more than a ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture of the same wooden staircase after some long-awaited TLC - so if your stairs are crying out for a makeover, now’s your chance to totally transform them.

To restore your wooden staircase to its former glory and achieve a clean and polished look, there are several simple tips you can follow. Sanding down the wood and applying new coats of varnish, stain, or paint can completely transform the appearance and style of your existing staircase without having to replace anything. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean and vacuum your staircase first!

If your wooden staircase features old carpet or a worn-down runner, remove this and any nails or staples, then sand and treat the wood for a classy new look. Or, if you’re bored of plain wood, you can add a colourful runner or carpeted landings for varied texture. If your stairway needs more than this to revitalise it, we’d suggest replacing the spindles and banisters with an entirely different styles – you can even incorporate glass or steel to modernise old stairs. Browse the selection of designs below and across our website for more ideas!
Like any functional part of your home, you should thoroughly clean your staircase on a regular basis. Either sweep or use a vacuum with an attachment suitable for bare floors and then mop any stubborn dirt away to keep the treads clean. Wipe up any spills or wet spots quickly so they don’t have time to penetrate the wood. The same goes for the banisters and spindles.

When cleaning your wooden staircase, dish soap and water is a simple yet effective solution that won’t damage the finish. Avoid harsh and abrasive cleaning materials – this includes when you mop the floor around the base or at the top of the stairs, as the chemicals can still get onto the staircase.

To strengthen your staircase and keep the wood looking shiny and new, you may want to apply a varnish, oil, or wax treatment. It goes without saying, nobody should use the staircase while such a product is sinking in and drying. Equally, you shouldn’t use cleaning waxes or oils on the treads, as this can make the stairs slippery and increase the risk of falling.

For an extra layer of protection, ensure that everyone takes their shoes off before going upstairs or downstairs. Pointy heels or bits of gravel trapped in the soles can cause more damage than you might expect over time. You could also lay down rugs or runners to protect the wood against the wear and tear of many feet. If you do notice a scratch or dent, address it right away or it could develop into an even worse defect.

Another thing that many homeowners don’t think of is that exposure to direct sunlight can bleach natural wood and cause its colour to fade. This is avoidable by using blinds or light curtains over windows near the stairwell. Just like light levels, temperature and humidity levels can also affect timber. To prevent unwanted warping, cracking, or splitting, avoid extreme temperature changes and maintain a comfortable climate in your home.
If you’re looking for a new staircase to revamp your home, a classic wooden staircase might seem too simple. However, the variety of designs we have on offer at Abbott-Wade allows you to design a custom wood staircase, which can either suit your current décor style or create a stunning contrast as a unique focal point. It doesn’t have to be plain and boring or far too fancy for modern minimalism – there are plenty of options in between.

For example, your choice of spindles can really make a wooden staircase design. Whether you go for sleek or twisted, fluted or stop-chamfered, we can guarantee that your new stairs from Abbott-Wade will be bold and beautiful. Mixing oak and steel or oak and glass, or even applying different paint colours, will also completely reinvent how you think your stairs could look. For something truly unique, why not check out our distinctly sculpted ‘id’ spindles?

It doesn’t stop there – we offer a range of handrail styles as well, allowing you to transform your wooden staircase even further with a fabulous yet functional banister. We understand that the extensive options available can be overwhelming, but don’t worry – the experts at Abbott-Wade are just a phone call or e-mail away if you need some guidance to design your unique wooden stairway.



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