Staircase Design Ideas

Every home gives off a personality to the people inside and has a character that is unique to the property. And, as the staircase is such a big part of the home, it is important to choose staircase design ideas which compliment your living space. Abbott-Wade have a range of staircase styles, all suitable for either a traditionally styled home or modern house that would look best with a contemporary staircase.

                        Our team of experienced designers have been assisting people to achieve their dream staircase for many years and are always on hand to help with your new staircase design ideas. Are you looking to push the boat out with a curved staircase? Or do you have an open staircase in mind? Whatever your grand designs, let us assist you in making it a reality.

Through the consultation process that is always customer led, we can achieve maximum design potential to bring out the best in your staircase, which is always the aim here at Abbott-Wade! Some of our customers even opt for a blend of traditional and modern styles by combining materials such as glass and oak to create a wonderful bespoke staircase, the choice is well and truly yours.

Staircase Styles

Large or small, we can find the right style for any size staircase. Over our years as a firm, we have encountered staircases of all different shapes and sizes, giving us ample experience to deal with your requirements confidently. We choose materials which allow the staircase to remain in keeping with the natural look and current decoration style of the house, ensuring that it doesn’t compromise the homely feel that you have worked so hard on building.

                        So, are you looking for a classic or contemporary staircase? Be sure to browse through both of our ranges below to find the one that suits your requirements best.


Whilst your staircase is a central feature of your home and usually the first thing people see when they enter, it is very often overlooked. The good news is that we can transform the heart of your home for less than you think and, in most cases, in just one day.


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