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Staircase Rennovation

Renovate your staircase in 2020 with Abbott-Wade

It’s a new year – a new decade even – so what better time for a change? Are you ready to embrace 2020 and transform the look of your home with a whole new staircase design? Then let the multi-award winning team here at Abbot Wade help.

Stairs are a key feature in your home but can often be overlooked, seen instead as a practical necessity rather than a design feature. A tired, neglected staircase can easily make a home feel out of date, but by giving it a whole new look, your house can feel revitalised for years to come.

Beat those January blues, and create a new lease of life for your property, with a staircase renovation:

Open tread staircases

Open tread staircases are growing in popularity and it isn’t difficult to understand why. They look great, allow the flow of natural light and help to create a sense of space in a home that may be void of it.

To perform this restoration, we will remove the carpet from your flight of stairs (if you have one) and take out the wood that closes off the treads. We will clad over the existing components of your staircase and create the illusion of a new staircase while maintaining the charm and character of your old one. This can usually be done in a single day, as our experienced team at Abbott-Wade look to achieve your dream staircase as efficiently as possible.

Sandblasted glass staircase renovation

If it’s light that you’re after then another way of adding more natural light to your space can be with the use of sandblasted glass to create a frosted look that is popular with contemporary flights of stairs. This refurbishment is normally a simple process for our experts, replacing any existing spindles you have with a sheet of this wonderfully modern material to instantly rejuvenate your staircase.

We often find that it is a popular move to replace an older staircase that fills the space, with something that can let natural light shine through creating a brighter more welcoming home.

This sandblasted effect works perfectly if you are looking to achieve natural light without using fully transparent glass and can, with a staircase refurbishment, can transform the look of your home.

Adding hardwood treads to your staircase

When people come to us asking about a staircase renovation, most of the time they talk about wanting to add a wooden element to their staircase. Recently this has changed from adding oak spindles to wanting to change their staircase to include hardwood treads to their staircase, minus the carpet.

When we respond with “ok, no problem!”, customers are often surprised that we can provide a refurb that allows for oak treads. Due to the extent of our industry skill and knowhow, we are able to provide this here at Abbott-Wade.

Old staircase renovation is made easy by our skilled installation professionals. They cleverly clad over any softwood treads with a solid oak finish, creating the appearance of a new solid oak staircase. We ensure that we make these safe to use to avoid any slip hazard by finishing this with a non-slip coating.

Contact us

Ready to make the change? If so, our friendly, experienced team would love to speak to you regarding your plans for a staircase remodel.

Expert advice and assistance is just a phone call away on 01744 634 442, or you can send us an email at for a quick response from one of our team.

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Watch: Tour a New Open Tread Glass & Oak Staircase Installation

A New Open Tread Glass & Oak Staircase

This new oak staircase forms the centrepiece of this home and uses glass down stands to comply with UK building regulations while maintaining the open feeling of the stairs allowing air and light to flow freely between the treads. The embedded glass balustrade comprises 10mm toughened safety glass and an inviting oak feature step.

Read more about the customers experience with Abbott-Wade here:

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A Brief History

Award Winning Family Business

Brief history and description

When close friends & skilled craftsmen Craig Abbott & Mike Wade first began their joinery careers little did they know they would be the pioneers of a home improvement industry. After starting out in 1996 with some help from the Prince’s Trust and working across all aspects of joinery, Craig & Mike identified a niche market for a complete service for the design, supply and installation of bespoke pre-finished staircase renovations and new flights and developed the methods and techniques which have become the industry standard. As our business has grown so has our team and our ambition. Our hand-picked workforce has grown to 5 fitting teams, all trained in-house and including a network of family members spanning 3 generations of the Abbott & Wade families from step sons & fathers to cousins & in-laws.

23 years on and our Award Winning Family Business has been recognised for their outstanding service, product and design. We have built a formidable reputation installing over 400 staircase renovations and new flights nationwide each year from our Cheshire base.

Abbott-Wade clients are looking to invest in their homes by adding the Abbott-Wade Wow-Factor! From modest St Helens terraces to Surrey mansions our bespoke service and luxurious staircases use premium timbers and high grade glass & steel components! We also work with builders and contractors who require a specialist company to install a staircase as part of a larger project requiring expertise beyond the realms of most companies.

Abbott-Wade are a leader in the staircase renovation industry and have a reputation coveted throughout the sector. Our product has the capacity to transform a home and add value to a property.

Company growth

After starting out as ‘2 lads with a van’, Abbott-Wade has survived though recessions and thrived where bigger businesses have failed. Despite larger competitors than ourselves coming and going over the years, we have continued to thrive thanks to our customer focused ethos and reputation. In 2014 Abbott-Wade moved into new premises due to the growth of the business with new office facilities & staff and warehouse, while all manufacturing and spraying was outsourced to local specialist businesses. By 2017 we had outgrown these premises and the company purchased a new, larger property with increased office and warehouse space. The new premises also included a purpose built sprayshop and workshop with new machinery increasing self reliance and building an increasingly self sustainable business that we are, and will continue to be, incredibly proud of.

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Types of Staircase

Different types of staircases to bring your home to life

Home designs are becoming more and more adventurous and, here at Abbott-Wade, we are tasked with installing many different kinds of staircases, for many different reasons – perhaps as a fundamental part of a house build, to let more natural light flow through or simply to update the look of a home. Whatever your reason for a new staircase, we’re here to help. And, in this post, we take a look at some different types of staircases on offer.

Straight staircase

Straight staircases are the most common types of staircase and can be seen in many homes across the globe. Their linear design makes them the easiest to use. It also make them straightforward to install, so are a design that we can implement quickly in your home.

Their simplicity helps to create a minimalist look which can subtly blend with the rest of your home design rather than distracting away from the look you’re hoping to achieve. The only drawback to this type of staircase is that they do use up space in your hallway, which can get in the way of other features that you would like to incorporate.

L shaped staircase

If you are looking for a variation of the straight staircase, then an L shaped staircase could be for you. To achieve this design, a landing is added to the point where the direction changes. This gives users a secure platform to change direction, whilst adding safety to the staircase by giving users a place to rest before this change.

Usually the bend for L shaped staircases is 90 degrees to make the most of the space you have available. These staircases are particularly useful if you are looking to locate them in the corner of a room to preserve space – they can also add privacy between floors with the bend providing a visual barrier.

Open tread staircase

If you are looking for a way to free up light and space in your hallway then an open tread staircase could be the perfect solution.

Open tread staircases help to create a minimalistic look, whilst still providing a strong and sturdy staircase option. The design leaves out the risers between the treads, allowing light to flow through and creating the illusion of more space for a streamlined, contemporary look.

Curved staircase

If space isn’t at a premium in your home then investing in a curved staircase could be a great option for you. If you want a full 360◦ turn then a larger arc – and more space – is required, although it’s not essential to do a full turn.

Curved stairs create a talking point and are sure to add a touch of elegance to any home or business,  providing a stylish first impression.

Contact us

Would you like to find out more about how different types of staircases can change the appearance of your home? Feel free to get in touch and speak  to one of our experts for quality advice and assistance. Give us a call today on 01744 634 442 or alternatively email us at for a quick and informed response from one of the biggest joiners of staircases in the UK.

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The Stroke Society Presentation

Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in our fundraising for the Stroke Association, a wonderful charity very close to our hearts. Read more here. In January 2019 our friend and designer Colin Campbell suffered a stroke. Fortunately Colin’s recovery has gone very well and Abbott-Wade & the Campbell family have now raised almost £4000 so far and counting.

We’d also like to thank the lovely Mikaela from The Stroke Association North West for coming to visit us to allow us to present the cheque for all the money raised so far.

In more fantastic news,  Colin’s son Drew has been selected to run in the 2020 London Marathon representing The Stroke Association. Links to his JustGiving page are below.

Thank you for your continued support:…/drewcampbell-lndmarathon

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Before & After: Changing a solid balustrade to spindles

Before & After: Changing a solid balustrade for spindles

Solid balustrades are a throwback to an era of home design that most architects and homebuilders have thankfully left in the past. Solid balustrades essentially enclose the staircase as a separate dark space in the home. By opening up the balustrade using spindles, increased light flow will create the impression of additional space especially with lighter timbers such as oak or whites.

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Watch: Tour an Abbott-Wade Frameless Glass Staircase Installation

An Ultra-Modern Frameless Glass Staircase

Abbott-Wade offer a range of glass staircases with embedded or clamped 10mm clear glass being a popular choice. For a super-modern minimalist style we also offer Frameless Glass options on new staircases such as this one. Our 15mm glass can be paired with oak or with a stained or painted finish on the stairs. Tour this recent installation over three storeys to see for yourself how the unobscured glass opens up the entire stairway and consider how a similar installation could transform your own home.

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