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Decorate your Staircase for the perfect Wedding backdrop

Whether you’re marrying your prince in a small ceremony…or a real Prince in a palace, the staircase makes a beautiful backdrop. It can be dressed simply on a budget or elaborately at great expense – but either way, if it’s done right it will help to make the setting for your special day ever more perfect.

Think Pink. Or Blue. Or Yellow

Chances are your wedding has a colour theme which incorporates everything from the invitations to the bridesmaid dresses and flowers. Ribbons and fabric neatly draped and tied will flow down the stairs and are both pretty and relatively inexpensive

Garlands of Flowers & Foliage

Decorate your stair rails with garlands of lush green foliage tied with ribbon and simple flowers spaced at intervals.

Wedding Flowers

A good wedding deserves flowers! They aren’t cheap so why not assign members of the wedding party to bring them from the church to the reception venue to decorate the stairs ready for when you make your grand entrance.

Cascading Wedding Flowers

If money is no object or you have a garden bursting with blooms why not go all out and let your flowers cascade down the stairs into an impressive centrepiece?

Credit: Pinterest

Paper Lanterns

Simple and effective. Paper lanterns of varying size in white and cream tones make a big statement and are easy to install.

Credit: Pinterest

Light the way with Candles

Candles are relatively inexpensive and can be used to great effect to add soft lighting and a fairytale feeling – but beware candles and trailing dresses. Consider a string of electric lights as a safer alternative.

Candles & Flowers, the best of both worlds

As we’ve seen both candles and flowers make very effective decorative features for a wedding staircase. Why not combine the two for a fairy glen wedding staircase.

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Is an open tread staircase safe?

Is an open tread staircase safe?

More and more people are choosing to implement open tread staircases into their house design, and it is easy to see why! There are many reasons as to why this type of staircase can benefit your home, perfectly bringing your home up to a trendy, contemporary 21st century design. However, one major drawback for especially young families is the safety of an open tread, as after all stairs are only getting higher and higher from the ground below, so any risk of falling needs to be assessed. Here at Abbott-Wade, we are here to do that assessing for you, and come to the conclusion whether open tread staircase is safe for your home.

Why do people have open tread staircases?

Before we examine their safety, it is useful to list the reasons as to why open tread staircases appeal to people in the first place. Often the safety aspect comes as an afterthought as people often consider its appearance before the practicality of the staircase. Open tread staircases are a great way of brightening up your home, as the opening between each step allows for light to shine through the whole downstairs floor. This can be great for making your home a more welcoming environment.

As well as being a good way of making your space brighter, open tread staircases are also true to their name and make your space appear more open. This is often useful if you are looking to have a more inclusive design with less separation between floors.

Is an open tread safe to use?

One of the biggest reasons as to why people opt against installing a new staircase with open treads is the fact that the gaps in between each step could be a safety issue, especially if you have a young family. This is in case a child (or adult for that matter!) catches their foot in between the treads and could risk falling. To combat this, UK regulations state that there cannot be a gap of more than 10cm between each step, significantly reducing the gap of someone’s foot or head (trust us, it happens) being caught between each.

To make sure someone’s foot isn’t caught between steps coming down the steps, regulations also state that treads must have an overhang of at least 16mm, as safety precautions are put in place before an open tread staircase is installed.

The team at Abbott-Wade will always make sure that our staircase renovations adhere to these regulations so you can have peace of mind that your open tread staircases are safe to use in any home.

Contact us

What are your opinions on having an open tread staircase in your property? Has this post changed whether you would like one in your home? If so, get in touch with the team here at Abbott-Wade for a consultation about your dream staircase design. Simply give us a call on 01744 634 442 or email us at

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What is the perfect modern staircase?

What is the perfect modern staircase?

Here at Abbott-Wade, it is safe to say that we are staircase enthusiasts, after all we are the experts! With this in mind, we are regularly paying close attention to the kind of designs our customers are asking us to install, and where they get their inspiration from. As modern trends are always changing, it is important to stress that trying to keep up with the very latest design, you might be looking at an expensive process. But, if you are looking for a new staircase for a new decade, checking out these trends put together by the team of the North West’s number one staircase team…

Spiral staircase

One of the most eye catching designs around, a spiral staircase is the staple of a modern home. No, we’re not talking about the ones that you see in castles, we’re thinking of an open tread spiral staircase with glass balustrades that would combine beautifully with an oak wood floor. Any kind of spiral staircase has the advantage of adding a vintage look to a home, or contemporary when done correctly, giving it a versatility which is not always accomplished by other kinds of staircases.

Light staircases

More and more in modern households, light is right if you’re looking to keep on trend! And we’re not talking about the odd combinations of green, yellow and pink that were a fixture in the 1960’s, but light shades of grey and white are now becoming the primary colour schemes of the modern house. With this, steel staircases are becoming more and more popular due to their tough make up and lighter colour. We have also saw many painted staircases in lighter colours this year, as houses becoming brighter and more welcoming to guests.

Floating staircase

Floating staircases may be something that you have saw on Grand Designs and pondered what they would look like in your own home. Well, now you can implement one of these in your house and give yourself a staircase that is bang in trend in 2020! Leave any visitors in awe as the seemingly levitating treads can give a sense of efficiency of space whilst giving you a unique and intriguing design that will last for years to come.

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So there are 3 staircase designs that are proving to be a big hit in 2020, but making your perfect staircase is entirely down to personal preference, but if you are looking for a contemporary staircase you should definitely look to incorporate some of these design features!

Do you have any staircase ideas of your own that you’d like to discuss with an expert? Be sure to get in touch with us at Abbott-Wade today! Give us a call on 01744 634 442 or email us at for a quick and informed response from one of our team.

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Watch: Tour a New Open Tread Oak Staircase with Glass Spindles

A New Open Tread Oak Staircase with Glass Spindles & Glass Risers

The Mansfield family were delighted with their new staircase which uses clever glass down stands to comply with UK building regulation. This allows increased air and light flow between the treads. The polished edges of the 10mm glass spindles reflect and refract light projecting a slightly different appearance as the light levels change throughout the day.

Read more about the customers experience with Abbott-Wade here:

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4 reasons why you should renovate your staircase

4 reasons why you should renovate your staircase

With the country being on lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, now is a better time than ever to consider how your home looks, and if you are truly proud of its appearance and configuration. Wanted that dream staircase for years but have not got round to it? By getting the ground work in place now with the team at Abbott-Wade, we can help you achieve a staircase renovation as soon as lockdown is lifted so you can enjoy your perfect home for years to come.

Updating a tired look

The most popular reason why see for people renovating their staircase is simply that they are in need of a fresh look for their home. If you have a wooden staircase and would like something more contemporary, then we can help you switch it up to a glass staircase or steel staircase.

Switching up your staircase is not uncommon, as interior décor trends are changing all the time. By looking to freshen up the look of your home, you can be firmly on the curve all while guests envy your house’s design.

Making your home more practical

If you have mobility trouble or you feel like your staircase is no longer suitable for the home you are living in, it may be time to renovate your staircase to something more appropriate.

By choosing a staircase refurbishment from Abbott-Wade, we can help you transform your property into something that is much more long lasting and accommodate anyone. We can help create a convenient staircase which is particularly useful if one of the residents has a physical disability, whilst also having the style of a perfectly modern and trendy staircase.

One step closer to your dream home

Saw a look on TV, online or on this very website that you like the look of? Abbott-Wade can help you achieve it with a staircase renovation! With many interior design programs out there these days, it is impossible not to have your head turned by all the amazing staircases on show in people’s homes. And you can have one of these too!

Just simply get in touch with us here at Abbott-Wade and we can discuss how best you can replicate or put your own spin on a staircase that you have saw flaunt it’s features on the big or small screen.

For design purposes

If you are looking to change up the look of your home drastically, you may have to change the appearance of your staircase drastically or replace it entirely. This is also something that Abbott-Wade can help with, as our team of experts can give you the advice and service you need to achieve the home you never thought was possible.

No job is too big for the experienced joiners that we have on our team, with us getting the most satisfaction from helping our customers achieve the interior design that they could only dream of.

Contact us

So, interested in getting started on making a new staircase that you can be proud of? Abbott-Wade are here to help. Simply fill out our online enquiry form with your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also get in touch with us directly by calling 01744 634 442 or emailing us at

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Should I get a new staircase?

Lockdown thoughts: Should I get a new staircase?

Due to the unfortunate circumstances happening in the world at the moment, we are being rightly instructed to stay at home. This gives us more time to look at our homes in detail and carefully examine what you like most about the place in which you live. Towards the top of the list should be your staircase, right?

After all, the staircase is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the home and should be appreciated as any couch, bed or TV is. Here at Abbott-Wade, we have our selection of staircases ready to install once government advice changes, so we can climb the first step on installing your dream staircase together.

Glass staircase

One of our most popular staircase finishes are our glass staircases. These elegant designs allow your home to embrace natural light which will be plentiful as we approach the summer months! This gives your home a modern, contemporary look that helps the colours of your walls shine through as well as nature outside. This effective staircase design is sure to create a stunning look for years to come.

We make sure that our glass staircases are some of the toughest around, so your wonderfully designed staircase is safe for use for a lifetime, with no worries about the quality of the glass balustrades that give their staircase their signature open plan look.

If you would like to find out more information about how a glass staircase could work in your home, or discuss the design of your dreams with us, please do get in touch!

Wooden staircase

If lockdown has got you wanting to take a nod back to a more traditional staircase, then a wooden staircase could be something that piques your interest. These finishes can add a warm tone to a home that is in desperate need of a look that can be appreciated all year round. A firm favourite with customers, the wooden finish is a timeless classic and will be a smart fit in any home.

Wooden staircases have a versatility that means that the tough and sturdy wooden spindles can be combined with glass balustrades providing the perfect contrast between old and new which could give your staircase a contemporary feel for years to come.

Steel staircase

A relatively new look in homes, steel staircases are here to stay with their dazzling, modern appeal. This design normally does not look out of place in offices and commercial buildings, but as home’s are becoming bigger and more experimental in their design, a steel staircase is providing the centrepiece in more and more houses.

Much like their wooden counterparts, these stylish pieces of furniture can work perfectly in combination with glass to provide the ultimate contemporary staircase or you can favour a more traditional staircase by mixing it with a wooden design.

As to be expected, steel staircases can prove to be a more durable material that will last a lifetime, which is something you should definitely look for when purchasing a new staircase.

Contact us

If you would like to get started on designing your dream staircase and want to discuss your ideas with us or would like some advice from our team of staircase experts, then we are still available to contact despite the COVID-19 outbreak. You can request one of our brochures to keep yourself occupied during lockdown and give you some inspiration or get in touch via our online enquiry form to discuss some ideas of your own. You can also contact us by giving us a call on 01744 634 442 or emailing us at

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Why Are Family Businesses Important?

National Family Business Awards 2018

Family & Business are two of the biggest devotions of time, finances and dedication in life. For many these are entirely separate entities which makes a family business a business like no other and are honoured to be counted among them! We have remained a proud family run business since our inception and employ three generations of family.

Abbott-Wade is not a faceless corporate name to hide behind. It represents two individuals actively at the core of our business which increases customer confidence. We are not accountable to share holders who may compromise our integrity, unrivalled reputation and high standards in pursuit of profits.


national family business awards

We are a very tightly-knit team. We trust and support one another, laugh more and work for the same goals. Obviously we’re not all related but we look out for one another as if we were and many of our team feel like extended family members and share our love of the business. We’re proud of our roots and support our community by employing local craftsmen.

Family businesses come in all shapes and sizes. In a family business like ours knowledge and experience are valuable commodities which are shared freely without bias or agenda. We share the same long-term vision and goals and our individual successes and reputation are weaved into that of the company. We all desire to protect the company. It is in everybody’s best interest to ensure that every job is done well, standards are maintained and the reputation of the company is upheld. These things can only happen when you have a team comprised of more than just ‘employees’.


award winning family business

Our customers want the best product and best price from a company they trust and are reassured knowing that we have genuinely held values we abide by and such a deep rooted commitment the best possible outcome – a reflection of the family values of our family business! We treat our clients with honesty and respect, just as we would like members of our own family to be treated, because it is the right thing to do! We don’t promise what we can’t deliver ensuring customers make informed decisions about our materials, designs and the installation process so there are no unexpected surprises. 

Our team members must be adaptable to assume multiple roles and responsibilities which enables them to see the broader picture in relation to what is happening within the business and customers get a more personal service. It also means we have a more ‘hands on’ approach and allows our systems, procedures and services to be more flexible to adapt to changes in customer demand and the economy as we have in previous recession periods. As we’ve grown we have become increasingly self reliant through investing in our infrastructure which in turn has allowed us to offer flexibility to our clients which cannot be matched by our largest multi-million pound competitor or smaller independent businesses.

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Free Video-Call Design Consultations Available

Self Isolating? On Lock-Down? Tired of the same 4 walls? Tired of the same old staircase?

The nation is locked down – and quite rightly. If like us you’re already feeling cooped up and tired of staring at the same four walls, you might have also started noticing all the little jobs that need doing around the house (like that peeling wallpaper in the corner of the bedroom or the loose handle on the kitchen cabinet) and you’re probably also thinking of those bigger jobs like which rooms are in need of decorating and that tired old staircase you’ve not been happy with since 1996. Maybe it’s dark and dated or there are annoying drip marks in the paint. Maybe there’s a few loose spindles you’ve only just noticed because you’re stuck at home all day…again. And don’t forget the dent in the newel post and the scratches from when the plumber dented it 5 years ago getting a new bath up the stairs.

lifestyle shot of white and oak staircase with clear diminishing glass
Chances are it’s probably already on that long list of projects you’ve been putting off for ages that we’re all starting to get around to.

Our office & fitting teams may be closed due to the coronavirus but our design team are still only a telephone call away. They can’t come to visit you but they can provide a virtual consultation via Video Call using FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype from the safety of their living room. You won’t even need to offer them a cup of tea! If you’ve got any photos or measurements this will help with the accuracy of your estimate.

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