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Turn your Staircase into Scare-case this halloween

Halloween has become a big deal in recent years. Families have gone from dressing children up in a black bin bag to going all out and decorating their homes for the spooky season.
If you plan on decorating you hallway for the visiting Trick or Treaters or for an upcoming Halloween Party, take a look at these fang-tactic ideas from around the web you’ll be dying to try.
Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about
It’s the seasonal favourite but why restrict the humble pumpkin to the front step. Smaller pumpkins can be picked up cheaper and carefully positioned to decorate your home (just be careful that you position them where they can’t cause a trip hazard). Even better there’s an abundance of recipes to use them in on the 1st November or  use them to feed the wildlife in your garden.

Credit: Pinterest

Too cute to spook
These cute little fellas can but cut out and stuck around your staircase, alternatively watch out for stickers online. Get creative and let your imagination run wild.

Credit: Pinterest

Be a Lazy Bones
Not everyone has a skeleton lying around the house, though a few of us may have have some in the closet! Now is the time to get them out in the open and get into the halloween spirit.

Credit: Pinterest

Something to Bat your eyes at
Did you know the collective term for bats is a colony? This colony is in flight up this flight of stairs and all you need is some black paper, a pair of scissors and a little imagination.
If you’ve got it, haunt it 
Get into the halloween spirit with these halloween spirits. 
Romeo and Ghouliet
It’s not just the stairs which can be decorated, if you’ve got a balcony landing why not carry on the halloween theme right up to the top floor?

Credit: Magment

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Why balustrades are so important for a staircase

Ok, so when you picture a staircase – either in your home or office building, we are sure it will have a balustrade (or two!). These are often a fixture in staircases that have one side or both, that is not supported by a wall. It’s easy to get creative with balustrades and, as a result, many property owners look to incorporate them into the design of the building as a whole!

So, whether you have a traditional staircase or one that is more contemporary, let us tell you why a balustrade is a crucial component you may need to think about…

What is a balustrade?

A balustrade system provides a safety barrier and also gives you a handrail to grasp so you can keep your balance when ascending or descending a flight of stairs.

The actual balustrade is the name that is given to the “legs” that supports the handrail, usually, equal distance apart and in a row. This provides a barrier between the staircase and the floor below, which could potentially be a long way down! They have to be sturdy to survive any impact that is put on them, whilst also making sure that the handrails are held securely.

It is important to measure your balustrade correctly, so you know exactly what length is needed to provide a snug fit between the handrail and beam. A balustrade that is too long will not fit, and one that is too short will prove a serious safety risk for your stairs and could see it fail to meet building regulations.

Do all staircases need a balustrade?

Most staircases are built against a wall, and will therefore need one balustrade for safety reasons, on the side that isn’t supported by the wall itself. As this is usually facing the rest of the floor, many decide to make the balustrades look as stylish as possible and choose a design that will fit in with the rest of their home.

However, it is worth noting, that some staircases may need no balustrade system at all, but this is normally seen in long staircases in commercial or industrial buildings. Have you ever walked up a never-ending flight of stairs in a car park or hotel if the lift isn’t working? There will be no balustrades here, they are usually built into the concrete around them.

Types of balustrade

To fit with the finish of your staircase, you may want to think about what kind of balustrade would suit you best. For example, do you opt for an oak balustrade that you can paint to complement your painted staircase? Or would you like a creative pattern to perfectly pair your steel staircase? Whatever your preference, we are sure there is a balustrade for you!

Contact us

Do you feel like you could benefit from a new balustrade? Or are you looking for a whole new staircase all together as part of a staircase renovation? If you are inquisitive about what a new staircase may have to offer, then the experts at Abbott-Wade can help today!

To get in touch with one of our team, give us a call on 01744 634 442 and we will gladly listen to your enquiry, or request a brochure to find out more about the service we provide.

You can also fill out our online form with any detailed questions you have, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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What kind of stair handrails are there

What kind of stair handrails are there?

Handrails are a crucial part of a staircase. A staircase that is without a handrail is deemed highly unsafe for use, and quite simply will not function as it should. Now, we know you might be deep in the process of looking at a new staircase for your home, but have you considered your handrails yet? If not, now may be a perfect time, so you can become familiar with all the different kinds of handrails out there, there is quite a lot you know!

So let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of stair handrail you can implement into your home, shall we?

Handrail materials

Handrails can benefit from a variety of finishes, which are usually the same materials that the bulk of your staircase are built around. Wood or metal handrails are popular, and almost always complement the main material of your staircase. This allows for a consistent theme to be had throughout the design.

Whatever material you decide on, you can rest assured it will be durable and made to last. It is likely that your handrails will be gripped every time someone takes the stairs, to go up or down, so they will need to withstand the force that is placed upon them. There is no outright material that is more durable than the other, so whether you choose an oak staircase or any other material, you should do so based on how it looks as opposed to how sturdy it is.

Handrail styles

There are many styles of handrails and are usually the way designers insert a little creativity into a staircase. Most people tend to opt for a standard pattern on their treads, and then switch up the design on their handrail. This could be a quirky shape or design at the base of the staircase or curvature of the handrail that follows the incline of the stairs themselves.

The choice is entirely yours, whether you are looking at building a new staircase from scratch or are looking for a staircase renovation. You could look towards a straight handrail, a curved one, or even a design that incorporates the two!

Types of handrail

Now that you’ve decided on how you want your handrail to look, now is the time to decide if you would like a wall-mounted handrail or not. These are arguably the safer option, especially if you have young children, as these will always be in easy reach. However, it is worth noting that this extra handrail will cost more.

The wall-mounted handrail has increased in popularity over the years and can easily be integrated into the design of your home, and indeed your staircase! Whether you are looking for a natural wooden look, or a clean metal handrail to go with your steel staircase, a wall-mounted handrail will have you covered! The chosen material or colour can complement or contrast with the ball behind it seamlessly, leading to it becoming just as much as an aesthetic option than a practical one!

Contact us

The staircase experts at Abbott-Wade are on hand to answer any questions or enquiries you have as soon as possible. We have nearly 25 years of experience in the business, specialising in bespoke staircases and have won multiple national awards.

If you would like to get in touch with one of the team, then you can contact us today. Simply give us a call on 01744 634 442 or fill out our online enquiry form and we will try and respond as soon as we can.

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All you need to know about spiral staircases

Ahhh the spiral staircase, something we have all thought about implementing into our homes at some point, right?

Normally the next thought that comes into our head is “that might be a bit too out there for me!”, but why not? After all, contemporary, unique staircases are on the rise as more and more people decide to experiment with the look of their home in order to create a living space of their dreams.

If you are still on the fence about installing some of these space saving stairs inside (or outside!) your building, then take a look at this blog post from Abbott-Wade…

The history of a spiral staircase

It is estimated that spiral staircases could have been used as far back as 1000BC, but the earliest remains of one of these structures have been dated back to 480BC in Sicily, Italy. Italy continues to have the oldest standing spiral staircase in the world, which can be found in Rome and was built in 113AD.

Old spiral staircases were built from stone or marble and were usually built up against walls to be able to support the building’s weight. This explains why they are, often, a fixture in any old buildings or landmarks you visit!

Why build a spiral staircase?

If you have ever seen a spiral staircase, or used one before, you will know what a different experience this is from using your standard straight staircase. If you feel like your property would like to move away from the norm, yet still remain as practical as a building should, then a spiral staircase could be perfect for you.

One of the main reasons why a spiral staircase is a popular choice for homeowners these days is due to their smaller footprint. Everyone wants to save space one way or another, especially if you have a smaller home, and this can be easily achieved with a spiral staircase. You are able to use the space freed up by this staircase on other aspects of your home, allowing you to be efficient with the area you have.

Where can spiral staircases be used?

Spiral staircases are quite unique in the sense that they can be used anywhere in the home. We are guessing that you would probably like to install one as the central staircase in your home, where they are more than capable of performing that function whilst still maintaining your home’s modern style and appeal to both members of the households and visitors. However, spiral staircases can also be used as a staircase that leads to a cellar or basement or is the perfect way of reaching a new loft extension.

Spiral staircases don’t have to be used exclusively indoors either. In fact, spiral staircases are very popular in outdoor spaces too. Spiral steel staircases are perfect for fire escape routes from a room upstairs or can be used as outdoor staircases in flats or a barn conversion, the choice is truly yours!

Are spiral staircases safe?

All kinds of staircases are safe, as long as they are installed properly, and this is no different with a spiral staircase from Abbott-Wade. Although they are quite different from the standard straight staircase, they are very easy to get used to, if you take extra care on your first few ascents and descents!

Some extra safety precautions you may want to take are ensuring the staircase has a sturdy handrail and is well maintained by keeping it tidy and ensuring there are no slip or trip hazards present. But these are your standard checks to make sure your staircase is safe for use; common sense prevails on this one!

Contact us at Abbott-Wade

So, are you interested in installing a bespoke staircase like this? If you are, the experts at Abbott-Wade can help! To get in touch with us today, simply give us a call on 01744 634 442 or fill out our online form with any detailed enquiries you may have.

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Things to consider when renovating your staircase

If you are deciding on a whole new staircase to become the centrepiece of your home, you are bound to have a million and one staircase ideas running through your head at once. This is understandable, as redeveloping such a vital part of the home can be a very exciting time.

But in times like this, it is important to think with an ounce of conservatism at least. As, if not a staircase expert, your design ideas may be flawed in one way or another. This is where the team at Abbott-Wade can help with our experience and professional knowledge in the area.

To get a head start in the process, here are some things to consider before turning to an expert…

Type of staircase

Would you like one long flight of stairs or a landing in the middle to break things up? This is mostly dependant on the space you have downstairs and how you can successfully make this lead to an upstairs area. Often in smaller houses, we see a straight staircase do the trick, with not much consideration placed on what kind of staircase would suit your home the best. If a windy staircase is one you have always dreamed of, then think about how this could impact the rest of your home, and if it makes sense to install this kind of staircase before you actually implement it.

For advice on which kind of staircase is best for your staircase renovation, then be sure to contact the experts at Abbott-Wade we will be happy to give you the best solution to incorporate your ideal type of staircase to your home or property.

Space efficiency

Having your dream staircase on paper is one thing, but does the space in your building allow it? Often we see people come to us with their design in mind but is not physically feasible due to the constraints on space. With this in mind, we recommend that you give firm consideration to the measurements in your home before thinking of a staircase design too ambitious. This will only leave you disappointed if it cannot be built in just the way that you want it, forcing you to rethink your design anyway.


One of the main aspects of the staircase should be safety. This is regardless of whether you have renovated a brand new staircase or have had the stairs many years. They can be a very dangerous place, especially if ascended and descended quickly, so incorporating a safety aspect into your design could prevent a lot of accidents in the future!

This should include finer details such as ensuring a safe distance from the ceiling at all times to avoid a nasty bang on the head (especially for someone who is on the taller side!), or gaps between treads to avoid catching your feet in between and encountering a nasty fall.

These are just three considerations you should be making before you go full throttle towards a staircase refurbishment, but there are many more factors that could cross your mind in this time where the ideas are flowing. There are a lot of aspects that are involved in making the perfect staircase for your personal taste, the look you are going for, and your logistical needs, so be sure to map out all of this before you decide on a final staircase design.

Contact us

So, would you like some help from the experts to make your dream staircase a reality? If so, be sure to get in touch with Abbott-Wade with your ideas and we can start planning your ideal staircase together.

To contact us you can give us a call on 01744 634 442 to discuss over the phone or fill out our online enquiry form with any detailed questions you may have. We will respond to you as soon as we can so we can waste no time working on your staircase.

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Staircase Stories: Mr Molyneux, Cheshire

Mr Molyneux is no stranger when it comes to renovation projects and this staircase was planned to be the jewel in the crown of his latest ambitious project. He did his research and Abbott-Wade were the stand out company to work with.

“My whole experience with Abbott-Wade has been truly amazing and they have made me a truly stunning staircase and I look forward to working with them again in the future.“

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How do I decorate my staircase

How do I decorate my staircase?

It is a well known fact that the staircase is one of the most important parts of the home – if you are in a building with more than one floor of course! This means that in a house, it will be used multiple times daily by all members of the household. This is as well as being one of the first things that guests see if you invite them over. As a result, many homeowners take great pride in the way their staircase looks, with many staircases being used as a way that best represents their modern tastes and styles, on top of their functional use.

If you’re struggling for staircase ideas to make your home personal to you, then fear not, the expert staircase suppliers at Abbott-Wade are on hand to share some of our favourites.

Use wall space to your advantage

How many times do you see stair walls that are left bare? Don’t get us wrong, there are some very smart wallpaper designs or paint shades out there – but why should you let this space go to waste? Many people prefer not to hang anything on stair walls in fear of them being knocked into and therefore falling off.

However, as long as you take care on the stairs, brilliant additions such as picture frames, pieces of art or even shelves as a storage option can really enhance the look of your staircase. You can create some strong contrasts with well chosen shades, giving you the standout look that you are craving with ease.

Creative stair faces

If you are truly looking to make your staircase your own, then why not let your creativity run wild and decorate your stair faces? If you don’t trust your steady hand, you can always ask a professional to do this for you. You could decide to go for a different pattern for every step or something consistent that runs along the whole piece of furniture. Let your imagination run wild and take ownership of your stairs.

A unique staircase design is becoming more and more popular in the modern home, so whether this is something that is busy and colourful or something more understated, it is sure to have the desired effect.

Make it practical

We’re all guilty of leaving coats, hats etc. on the bannister at the bottom of our stairs. Although this is convenient when grabbing items for when you are leaving the house, why not place some hooks on the wall to keep the streamlined look of your staircase, allowing it to be a place that showcases the style of your home, rather than an after thought as a makeshift coat hanger!

This gives your staircase the chance to truly flaunt it’s look without being held back. A fresh staircase design allows the true aesthetic you are trying to achieve to shine through, unopposed by any other potential eyesores!

Contact us

Would you like to talk to one of our experts about how to best execute your staircase design? If so, it is easier than ever to get in touch with the team at Abbott-Wade! Simply give us a call on 01744 634 442 to speak to us directly or fill out our online enquiry form with any detailed questions you may have. Our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible with a quick and informed response.

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Keeping your staircase safe

Ways to keep your staircase safe

There is no denying the importance of a staircase if your building has more than one floor. With most buildings operating this layout, you should ensure that the staircases you walk up and down on a daily basis in a suitable condition to avoid any falls and trips that can potentially cause serious injury.

Although staircases can prove to be a beautiful and stylish link between floors, your top priority should be doing everything in your power to make sure that they are safe for use – giving them a consistent form of visual and physical maintenance will help you prevent accidents in the future.

Take your time during both ascent and descent

One of the main causes of accidents on a staircase is when people trip over a step from rushing either up or down their stairs. Are you wanting to grab that thing you’ve left in your bedroom before you leave the home? Or are you racing back to the living room to catch your favourite show now it’s returned from an ad break? If so, it will be beneficial in taking a little more time in negotiating your staircase to ensure that you don’t trip and fall.

Falling down the stairs will almost certainly cause more delays than if you spend a few more seconds in watching your footing while making your way up or down the stairs. It is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Leave nothing lying around

Staircases can be quite difficult to climb up and walk down at the best of times, even when they are free of any obstacles or debris! However, if you are guilty of leaving items on the stairs (we know there are a few of you out there) then this will prove a major hazard, eliminating some of the space that your staircase provides.

The hazard’s don’t just stop there, if you have a wood staircase, then you will need to keep an eye on any spills that could cause a pretty dangerous slip hazard. This is normally something more important to consider if your steps are not carpeted, as the spill will sit on the surface instead of soaking into it.

Check your lighting

Another way of keeping the area around your staircase safe is by checking whether the lighting in the room is satisfactory. A poorly lit hallway or stairwell could prove costly for people using the staircase on a daily basis. If you are unable to see where the next step is, this can lead to a loss of footing resulting in a trip or fall. If your stairway looks too dark, then it probably is. So be sure to invest in some strong lights that make this area easier to negotiate.

When installing a new staircase, it could be wise to evaluate your lighting, especially if you are changing materials. Wood will reflect the light more which will naturally improve the light source on your stairs but if you have a dark carpet as part of your décor then you might want to check on the standard of your lighting before finishing off your design.

Contact the team at Abbott-Wade

Do you have any questions about keeping your staircase safe after a staircase renovation? If so, be sure to get in touch with the expert staircase manufacturers at Abbott-Wade today! We will happily share our expertise and answer any enquiries you may have. Simply give us a call on 01744 634 442 to contact us directly or fill out our online enquiry form with a detailed question. One of our team will always get back to you as soon as possible!

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Company Values

Abbott-Wade Directors Craig Abbott & Mike Wade have built a successful and sustainable business with old-fashioned family values. We are not a corporate machine and accordingly don’t have the same objectives. It is about more than just money. It is about creating a legacy to be proud of and putting our customers at the forefront of everything we do. Our company values are not empty words and promises, that’s why you’ll find examples of what our customers have to say on the various aspects of our core values:


We do not sugarcoat everything. Our approach is to be open and honest from the outset so clients know exactly what to expect and can make informed decisions. This means our customers know exactly what to expect with no nasty surprises further down the line. Similarly we don’t have silly sales throughout the year – we just offer our best price all year round. This means customers have no fear of missing out and know they have the best deal available.

[Read what our customers have to say about it here ]


We know that transforming a customers staircase is an investment of their time, trust and finances. We make a point of treating our customers the way we would expect to be treated throughout the process; from the initial telephone conversation, through the design process, during installation and even after the work has been completed.

[Read what our customers have to say about it here]


Building work is not the cleanest of undertakings but we understand the importance and sanctity of our homes. That’s why we endeavour to be tidy tradesmen, all our fitting teams are armed with a trusty vacuum cleaner to treat each home with the respect it deserves.

[Read what our customers have to say about it here]


This is so inherent in our philosophy, it is part of our logo! Customer recommendation is the ultimate indicator of our success and this can only be achieved by installing high quality installations by quality craftsmen.

[Read what our customers have to say about it here]

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How you know we’re a reputable company

In the modern world it’s sometimes hard to know who you can trust, especially when you’re planning on parting with your hard earned money.


So how do you know you we’re a reputable staircase company that you can trust?

Firstly, we’ve been busy building the best reputation in the business since 1996.

We’re no fly-by-night operation and we’ve been leaving a trail of happy customers for over 20 years.

We’ve won multiple awards

We’ve been recognised for our service, design and product by Build magazine, Acquisition international, The National Family Business Awards & Corporate LiveWire.

We’re a Family Business with Family Values

That’s why the National Family Business Awards has named as a winners for 3 years running!

Our customers will tell you in their own words

Visit our Testimonials page or the ‘What Our Customers Say‘ from our newspages and you can read just some of the hand written testimonials from our customers.

See it with your own eyes

All the photographs from our website are genuine photos taken in clients homes. There are no set, mock-ups or clever computer renderings like you find some other companies use.

We’re Best Practice Representatives for the Parliamentary Review

We have been named as Best Practice Representatives for this prestigious publication and visited the Palace of Westminster at the invitation of Lords David Blunkett & Eric Pickles.

We don’t canvas or cold call

You won’t be hearing from us out of the blue. All our clients make the first approach.

We’re all employed

Which means that we won’t jeopardise the quality of your installation by using subcontractors. Our fitting teams will arrive in one of our branded Abbott-Wade vans.

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