Steel Staircase Design

Steel is an economical alternative to cast iron, and is available in a variety of finishes. Our balustrade handrails come in brushed or polished steel, while our steel spindles can be painted to complement or even contrast your existing home décor. Whether you prefer sleek and simple or something more visually interesting, you’re sure to find the ideal style from our selection of spindles.

Why not elevate your existing staircase with wrought-iron-effect spindles? Even if you’re searching for a completely new staircase rather than a staircase refurbishment, opting for steel rails will ensure an excellent finish. This durable material is guaranteed to add strength and style to any home, creating an awe-inspiring steel staircase with its own unique character.

From Buckingham spindles to Sandringham spindles, our steel balusters are both beautiful and practical, promising enhanced longevity. This hardwearing metal absorbs stress and constant impacts well, allowing you to use your staircase without worry. For every staircase incorporating metal, we pre-drill to exact spacings and angles to ensure a perfect installation.

When you contact Abbott-Wade, we’ll arrange a home visit with one of our expert designers, who will show you our portfolio and samples to help you decide what you want from your bespoke staircase. You can discuss every aspect of steel staircases until you’re happy with a final design. Once you place your steel staircase order, our joiners will start crafting it for you.

Steel Staircase FAQs

What are the benefits of stainless steel staircases?

Every homeowner wants to enjoy a comfortable and convenient environment, which expresses their personality in visually appealing ways. Steel staircases can achieve this for you, whether you like ornate elegance or cool contemporary styles. One of the biggest benefits of a steel staircase is its aesthetic appeal, which is entirely adaptable to a range of interior design techniques.

From minimalist metal and glass to sophisticated steel and wood, another benefit of this material is its versatility. It combines well with a variety of other staircase materials to create the specific appearance you desire. For example, the shape and colour of steel spindles can convert your stairway into something stately and uniform or artistic and eye-catching.

As we’ve mentioned above, steel is also incredibly strong and durable. This metal alloy is highly resistant to corrosion and all kinds of external shocks and stresses, making it an ideal material for a hardwearing handrail and robust balusters. It’s safe, reliable, and best of all – super easy to maintain. Unlike wood, steel simply needs wiping down every now and then, rather than regular varnish and sealant treatments.

What’s the difference between polished steel and brushed steel stair rails?

At Abbott-Wade, we offer both brushed steel and polished steel balustrades. If you’re not sure what the difference is between these two finishes, it’s fairly simple. While polished stainless steel is shiny and reflective, brushed stainless steel is dulled to a distinctive matte sheen.

Polished steel is bright like a mirror, due to a longer and finer process of brushing and buffing. This smooth finish has greater corrosion resistance and is easier to clean. Brushed steel undergoes a polishing, sanding, and softening process with abrasive tools to achieve a satin-like appearance. Though the glossy shine is reduced, brushed steel still retains some lustre.

The abrasion creates tiny grooves in the metal, which makes this finish less suitable for outdoor use, as it’s more susceptible to corrosion. However, brushed steel is ideal for interior stairs, as many people prefer a more muted look in their home. Whichever finish you choose, the end product will always be high-quality, guaranteeing a handsome set of stairs.

Which staircase styles work best with steel balustrades?

Steel balustrades can work beautifully with many different staircases – it all depends on the look you’re going for. Browse through our gallery of previous installations to see some steel staircase ideas, or read our suggestions below on how to incorporate steel into your stairway.

  • Steel and glass staircases
    Glass balustrades with supporting steel posts and handrails look stunningly modern. You can even choose brackets in a matching metal finish for a cohesive appearance. Steel reflects light while glass allows it to spread throughout the area, making your staircase feel bright and spacious.
  • Oak, glass, and steel staircases
    If steel and glass feels too clinical for you, it’s possible to combine wooden stairs with glass and steel to update a classic staircase. Oak, ash, sapele, or walnut wood can bring warmth and colour when you choose this material for the handrail. You can even alternate oak and steel spindles along the stairway for a greater contrast, especially if you choose painted steel.
  • White and steel staircases
    Another way to achieve a clean and modern staircase is to pair white-painted wood with steel and glass. Imagine pristine white stairs with light flowing through the glass balustrades, made safe with easy-to-clean steel handrails. Or how about contrasting the white with steel spindles painted black?
  • Forged steel stair spindles
    Steel spindles and balusters come in such various styles that there’s sure to be a spindle that suits your staircase design. Whether you opt for classic or contemporary contours, you can choose to paint them in colours such as black, gold, or silver to make a statement. From picket railings to multi-line railings, or floor-to-ceiling stair screen walls, there’s so much you can do with steel spindles.

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