Steel Staircase

The durable and rugged steel staircase has previously been more commonly associated with a commercial or office setting. But now you can use this material to help create a modern look in your home by using a steel staircase design from Abbott-Wade as inspiration! Be sure to take a look at our previous installations below, as we can be with you every step of the way. From initial ideas right the way through to installation and aftercare.

We see steel staircases designed in combination with glass to create the perfect contemporary staircase. If you are looking to achieve a warmer look and create a traditional staircase in a classically styled home, this can be done when combining a natural oak or custom stain with your steel material.


Steel Staircase Design

If you opt for steel spindles, you will benefit from the fact that they are an economical solution to cast iron. We can spay them to suit the current décor and colours that exist in your home, or to meet your colour preferences to create your perfect stainless steel staircase. Regardless of your staircase design ideas, a steel staircase will add strength and style to any home. Whether it is an old, character-filled house or a new build property, all whilst giving it a refreshed look that is bang up to date with modern trends.

This kind of staircase is available with a range of spindles, such as the sleek Buckingham and Sandringham, and can be a better solution for withstanding impacts and absorbing stress on your staircase due to its hardwearing material. Steel is naturally a tough and durable option – just what you’re looking for in your new staircase, right? All of our staircase that incorporates metal into their design are pre-drilled to exact spacings and angles to ensure your steel staircase looks perfect upon installation.

Every staircase that is installed by Abbott-Wade is designed in unison with the homeowner, ensuring the end product is the exact staircase of their dreams. We also make them aware of all of the possible types of steel staircases they could have in their home, giving them as much choice and inspiration as possible. Every step of the process is discussed in detail with our expert designers and we will never begin our work until you are completely happy with the design of the staircase.



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