New Bespoke Flights

If you choose a completely new footprint and design for your staircase then you will require an entirely new bespoke flight of stairs. Abbott-Wade has more than 20 years industry experience when to comes to providing new bespoke staircases to homes up and down the country.

We can carefully remove your existing staircase and replace it with your new design. Your new bespoke flight will have been designed down to the last detail with a member of our design team to make sure you are getting the exact new staircase you want. Removing and replacing your staircase is a service which is not always provided by our competitors.

We use the finest materials and offer an outstanding level of craftsmanship and customer service. All of our staff are handpicked by our two directors, so you can rest assured that your new bespoke staircase flight will be something to be proud of.


Bespoke Staircase

Open or closed tread, a winder or straight flight, through consultation with our knowledgeable team of designers, you will be able to devise the perfect bespoke staircase design for your home. Your new flight of stairs will give your hallway and your entire home a new lease of life.

A new flight of stairs could also improve other aspects of your home. By incorporating glass into your design, you could see more light pour into a once dark part of your home or a new staircase could mean you are able to remodel your floorplan and use new space which was previously taken up by your old staircase.

You could even combine a mixture of materials to create a truly bespoke staircase. We can work together to provide a combination of glass, steel and timber in the design of your new flight of stairs. Abbott-Wade can also provide staircases with quarter landings or half landings. The options are endless when it comes to your new bespoke staircase.



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