Only a few years ago, glass staircases were usually only found in commercial premises. However, the reduced price of glass has resulted in them now being within everyone’s grasp.

One of the most popular options here at Abbott Wade are our white and glass staircases. The primary reason for their widespread appeal is the clean and bright ambience they provide. This has the effect of making spaces appear much larger than they really are.

In this blog, we’ll discuss just some of the many ways in which glass staircases can be combined with white painted wood, with stunning results.

White staircases with glass panels

White staircases pair beautifully with most styles of glass stair panels. These include clamped glass, embedded glass, and even frameless glass stair panels for a minimalistic appearance.

White staircases with clamped glass

Bespoke glass stair panels are held in place by stylish brushed or stainless steel clamps. When paired with our stylish white staircases, clamped glass brings an effortlessly chic look to any home.

Clamped glass panels are our most versatile and popular option when installing white and glass staircases.

White staircases with embedded glass

Embedded glass panels can be inset seamlessly into the base and handrail of our sleek white staircases. This option is ideal for those who prefer elegant and clean lines, uninterrupted by brackets or clamps to hold the glass in place.

White staircases with frameless glass

Frameless glass stair panels can completely eliminate the need for handrails and newel posts. White staircases with frameless glass panels create a truly minimalistic look, allowing light to flow freely, without any additional supporting features to break the line of sight.

The base of your white staircase will provide the support needed for the frameless glass panels. We use toughened safety glass to compensate for the extra strength that would usually be provided by the newel posts and handrails.

White and oak glass staircase

Another increasingly popular option is to pair natural oak with white painted wood and glass stair panels to add additional interest.

This creates a truly unique aesthetic, and will surely be a talking point for visitors to your home. 

White staircases with glass spindles

Glass spindles offer a modern twist to contemporary glass balustrades. We install them in the same way as embedded glass, but the exposed edge of each glass spindle adds a crystal-like sparkle to our white staircases.

White staircase with glass spindles

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