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The traditional look is still in style, even if more and more alternative staircase designs and materials such as glass and steel are appearing in people’s homes. At Abbott-Wade, we have been installing painted staircases for over 20 years and have found that traditional painted staircases are just as in demand now than when we first started the business. It’s of little surprise when staircases are fully customisable, with many different shades available. We can provide a full staircase renovation to suit the backdrop of your home.

Traditional staircases were the go to staircase design until recent years, as it’s wooden design was easier to assemble, whilst still being a durable option. As a result, you saw many homes up until the 2000’s having a wooden staircase, that was very limited in its creativity. This is because it was never seen of a piece of furniture that could have a variety of different finishes. However, staircases have definitely saw a make over since the turn of the century, with steel and glass staircases becoming a popular alternative. With this in mind, painted staircases have kept pace with these alternative materials are they are now seen as a refreshing alternative rather than the only viable option at the time.

We have been met with thousands of staircase ideas over the years, and with no two the same, the design process is one of the most fun aspects for us. If you have an idea of a painted staircase in mind that you feel would be part of your perfect home, we are more than happy to install this with a pre-finish, meaning that it is ready to use as soon as it is installed by our team of experts!

The main selling point with painted staircase ideas is that they can be whatever shade you desire. From the warmth of a sapele staircase to a darker, rich mahogany, we have you covered here at Abbott-Wade. With a painted staircase, you can combine any two colours that you feel would complement the vibe of your home.

We also provide a variety of paints that not only change the look of a staircase, but also its durability. We offer a sapele handrail option, which is very popular due to its resilience. The handrail is the most used part of a staircase and is therefore most likely to suffer from wear and tear. If it receives a scratch or chip along the way, no paint is needed to go over it, allowing the look of your staircase to remain consistent.

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