Bespoke wooden staircases, balusters, and handrails

When choosing the material that you’d like your staircase to be made from, it’s important to note that wood is one of the most flexible design options. This makes an Abbott-Wade painted wooden staircase the perfect choice for any home.

You can choose from a wide range of finishes, including various paints and stains, which means that you could go for a one-of-a-kind look or something more traditional.

Every aspect of your new painted wooden staircase is completely customisable. Carpeted runners are a popular option for a softer, cosy appearance. Or you may opt for hardwood runners for a sophisticated look.

However, it’s not just the runners that you can make your very own. Abbott-Wade will work with you to ensure that every element of your painted wooden staircase ties into your vision. From options for spindles and handrails to feature steps, landings and more, we’ve got you covered.

White & Glass with contrasting carpet

What finishes do you offer for painted wooden staircases?

We understand that you may require a specific kind of painted wood staircase, which is why all Abbott-Wade painted staircases come pre-finished. So, regardless of whether you want a clear lacquer, or a bespoke stain is preferred, you can leave it to us to make your dream staircase a reality.

We’re able to offer a full painted finish if that’s what you think would complete the look of your home, as well as a combination of painted spindles and an oak or sapele handrail. This not only looks striking but makes sure that your handrail lasts for the long term. We can assure this level of durability, as no paint is required which could be chipped or scratched by rings, watches, or bracelets. Safeguarding your painted wooden staircase against levels of general wear and tear is a smart option to get the most out of your investment.

The contrasting warm tones of sapele, a sustainable alternative to mahogany, with brilliant white painted spindles (pictured below) is not only a beautiful option but provides a period feel to homes of any age.

We also provide the option to add a continuous volute handrail to your painted wood staircase. This, along with ball newel caps, lets you add a touch of grandeur to your staircase design and hallway.

Wooden spiral staircase

If you’ve always loved the idea of having a painted wooden spiral staircase in your home, but you’re concerned that you don’t have the room, think again! Many people think that a spiral staircase means a loss of square footage, but this is simply not the case.

Since our spiral staircases can be constructed in a way that means they build on top of themselves, your wooden spiral staircase won’t take up more than a small circle of floor space.

Painted Staircase FAQs

What is the best colour for painted wooden staircases?

Here at Abbott-Wade, we have seen many painted staircases over the years. As they’re a great way of showing off your creativity and allowing you to achieve the exact look you’re after. It’s with this bespoke nature in mind that we’ve also designed staircases that range in colour, all over the palette. Most people opt for the traditional, natural wooden shades to complement their existing décor. But some people look for a more striking design, with white and grey popular choices in the modern home. The truth is, when painting your staircase, it can be whatever colour you want! You can also opt to combine colours to create an even more standout staircase design, allowing your staircase to be truly unique to you.

Do painted wooden staircases last?

Like any staircases, painted wooden staircases are designed to last. After all, at Abbott-Wade we’re responsible for some of the most well made staircases out there, that are able to last many years before failing. Of course, wood is naturally a material that is more susceptible to scratches and marks than steel, for example. But as long as you take care of your staircase (like your staircase is taking care of you!) then you should be able to benefit from many years of service, but you should even consider a replacement. If you decide to make the investment and convert to a painted wooden staircase, you can be sure you’re making a sound investment that should last you at least 15 years before you may need to look for a new model or design.

Can you paint over a painted wooden staircase?

If you decide that you’ve grown tired of your existing painted wooden staircase, then you may think that painting over them is the most simple and convenient way, right? If you want to refresh your staircase with a different colour, we only recommend this if your staircases have not been painted beforehand. By going over an original coat with a new one, you’re taking a larger risk in making sure that it looks clean and professional. By enlisting the help of Abbott-Wade, we can professionally design and paint your staircase to a standard that you can be more than happy with.

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