White & Glass Staircases

If you are looking for a modern, minimalist look in your home or facilities, then you can achieve this by working with Abbott-Wade. You can use a combination of stylish pristine prefinished white wood and glass staircase. We guarantee that your home will be provided with a rejuvenated, clean look that it has been crying out for, for years. This ultra-cool and sleek white staircase design is sure to brighten up even the darkest of hallways all year round.

The white glass staircase gives the perfect illusion that you have managed to create a lighter space in your home. We have a vast range of contemporary staircases in this style, as shown below, and when paired with stunning décor such as white and other neutral colours, a white staircase can be the icing on the cake in any modern styled home.


White Staircase

A white glass staircase is normally associated with a new home but can also add a fresh touch to a home of any age or style. This could be a classic building or a new build, this staircase design is perfect for any kind of building that is in need of a new appearance.

Each white staircase renovation we take on is done in full consultation with our expert design team and prior to anu work commencing, we make sure that you are in full agreement with the whole design. As part of our consultation, we show you the materials that can be incorporated into the design and discuss the styles that could suit your home, giving you free reign to pick whatever design you like the best.

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Do you have an idea in mind? Give our team of experts a call and we can discuss your thoughts today! Use the number 01744 634 442 to speak to one of our dedicated staircase experts, or use our online enquiry form with any detailed enquiries.


Customer testimonial

To say we are thrilled with our new staircase in an understatement. So refreshing to have tradesmen in our home that deliver on what they promise - stunning glass staircase and professional and courteous fitters. Thank you Abbott Wade!"
Bill & Dianne, Cheshire


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