In more and more modern-day homes, we have seen glass or steel take a much more prominent role in people’s idea of their ideal staircase. But hang on a second, what about wood? Are we forgetting the natural beauty that this material has, adding a wonderful aesthetic to your home? Wooden staircases have been the go-to material in people’s homes for many years, and for good reason.

They can be shaped a lot easier than their counterparts, as well as being a versatile component of a modern staircase. At Abbott-Wade we still receive many requests to install wooden staircases, or staircases with wooden aspects, and here’s why…

Wooden steps

The attraction of wooden steps is something not to be underestimated. If pulled off correctly, they can add a sense of nature and delight to your home – something which we’re sure you have been craving for many years. It can really transform your staircase into a show-stopping attraction, wowing everyone from residents to one-off visitors.

With steps, you need to ensure that they are both sturdy and safe, as they are undoubtedly going to come across some rigorous daily use. Wood is perfect for this, as it is able to stay elevated above the ground with ease, giving you peace of mind.

Wood spindles

Wood spindles have been around for as long as we can remember and are still a popular source of well-crafted design, whilst being a vital safety element for your staircase. Just look at our website to see for yourself!

They show no sign of going out of style yet, with many homes opting for them over a glass or steel balustrade. These timeless designs give your home a traditional feel, which may be your dream look over a contemporary vibe.

Switch up the colour with ease

If you are looking to switch up the colour of your staircase frequently (every couple of years or so) then wood is an excellent choice. This adaptable material allows you to change the colour of your staircase to a lighter or darker shade at will, in keeping with your new vision. A new lick of paint can go a long way towards creating a wooden staircase design you are happy with!

Abbott-Wade have installed many bespoke painted wooden staircases for customers in the past, so for some inspiration be sure to check out our range of wonderful designs on site.

Can be combined with other materials

The versatility of wood doesn’t stop there, as it can be incorporated easily with other materials. There are many ways you can incorporate wood to your stairs. Try combining it with carpet to create a stand out look, or use wood filler to cover the gaps in between treads to form a contrast between a darker carpet and lighter wood, or vice versa. Wood can also be combined with glass and steel, to create the perfect blend between traditional and contemporary design.

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