Has lockdown made you realise that your staircase needs a change of appearance to keep up with modern trends? Don’t worry, we understand! At Abbott-Wade, we have seen a lot of our customers have this same thought process, and not just during the COVID-19 pandemic! It is easy to become detached from the original aesthetic appeal of a staircase over time, as styles change, and different staircase designs become more and more popular.

Making your staircase stand out once more is never normally as drastic as getting a new staircase altogether. Sometimes, the smallest changes can go a long way towards revitalising the look of your home.

Replace or add a balustrade

Often hailed as the unsung hero of your staircase, a balustrade’s primary use is for safety. But, if the right balance is found, it can steal the show. Balustrades are often made from steel, glass or wood, in keeping with the overall design of your staircase. By switching up this part of your staircase, you can create a  whole new look – that will wow both the people who see it every day and visitors.

One kind you may want to check out is the frameless glass balustrade from Abbott-Wade, for a truly modern, trendy addition to your home. Balustrades are just as big of a design aspect as the treads and paint job, so be sure to treat them that way!

Add a new lick of paint

One of the most obvious ways to quickly change the appearance of your staircase is to give it a new coat of paint. This could be topping up an old coat to make the colour you’ve admired so much stand out once more or switching up your shade entirely. For example, if you are looking for a colour that is brighter and more welcoming, or contrasts well against a darker wall, then a white staircase could be for you. Or if you would like something that is more close to natural wood, be sure to check out our range of painted staircases for some inspiration.

You can’t go wrong with making your staircase stand out by changing its colour to something that suits your home’s décor, so make sure you give this idea some consideration!

Switch up your surroundings

No, we’re not telling you to purchase a new house completely here, that might be a little too drastic! But sometimes, the problem doesn’t lie with your staircase at all. Simply switching up the area around it can make a huge difference, and restore the staircase to its sparkling best form, After all, the staircase is meant to be a vital pivot in the home, so by giving some improvement to the supporting cast, you are allowing the main attraction to shine as it should.

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