Why to use Paddle Stairs

Are you struggling for room in your hallway? Looking to rejig your staircase to provide your home with more floor space? Paddle stairs could be for you!

Here at Abbott-Wade, we have been performing staircase renovations for more than 20 years –  adding space saving stairs to homes across the country.

What are paddle stairs?

Paddle stairs, or space saver stairs, are used in place of normal steps to reduce the space taken up by your staircase. They can significantly increase the amount of room you have as the flights are manufactured at a steeper gradient than your run of mill staircase.

As with all the staircases we produce, our new paddle stairs are constructed in line with current UK building regulations – with a gradient no bigger than 42°. To stay safe, your space saving stairs design will also need to include balustrading if the drop is more than 600mm.

Space saving stairs design

Paddle stairs work by adopting an alternate step design, with the unused part of the tread cut away to save space. So, to safely use the flight, you must go up and down in sync with the foot each tread is intended to take. Naturally people will have a foot they automatically use first when going up and down a set of stairs – so it’s important to think carefully about the ordering of your steps.

Glass is regularly used in the design of paddle stairs as it creates an additional feeling of space, although we can accommodate a range of materials such as steel and timber too.

It’s standard practice for us to perform a free home survey before we begin any work. This gives us a chance to discuss ideas with you and get a clear picture of the staircase you would like to see in your home. We can also show you material samples and photographs of previous projects we have completed.

Award winning, environmentally friendly business

Once you give us the go-ahead, we can complete your staircase renovation in just one day. We make sure that any materials left over from the job at your property are either recycled locally or used in another installation.

Processes like this have led to us being named ‘Best Practice Representative’ by the Parliamentary Review earlier this year. Adding to the awards we picked up at back-to-back National Family Business Awards ceremonies at Wembley Stadium. In 2017, we collected the ‘Best Small Business in the North West’ award, and a year later picked up the ‘Customer Service Award for the North West’.

To book a home survey with an award-winning staircase refurbishment company, do not hesitate to contact us on 01744 634442. You can also get in touch via info@abbottwade.co.uk.