Space Saving StairsWhen you are short of space in your home, or you are looking to create more floor space, then space saving stairs from Abbott-Wade are perfect for you. Capable of fitting into any style of property, of any age, this type of staircase, also known as paddle stairs, can reduce the space taken up by a regular size staircase by up to half due to a steeper going distance that uses alternate steps to save space.

Paddle Stairs

Always constructed in keeping with current building regulations, Abbott-Wade can be designed and built in a wide range of styles which are always first discussed in consultation with a member of our design team so we can get an understand of exactly what it is you require from your space saving stairs.

If you are to safely and correctly go up or down paddle stairs, then because the steps are alternating you must use the staircase in line with the position of each thread. Part of the step that you are not stepping on is shortened as part of the design process which saves space.

Despite the orthodox design of space saving stairs, which are popular with homeowners who have had a loft conversion, with an Abbott-Wade creation we ensure your staircase will be perfectly safe for use by all who come into or live in your home. If the drop of your paddle stairs is going to be more than 600mm then you will need to include balustrading to protect users of the staircase from falling. A handrail will also give people using the staircase who are a little uneasy on their feet a helping hand when ascending or descending via the paddle stairs.

Space Saver Stairs UK

Abbott-Wade were formed in 1996 and since then they have been designing, supplying and installing paddle stairs in homes up and down the country. As the name suggests, spacing saving stairs are perfect for homes with limited space. Because of this, many homeowners decide to utilise glass into the design to create a further impression of increased space. Normally this is combined with timber steps to create a strong and durable flight of stairs.

Space Saving Stairs Design

As mentioned earlier in the blog, in order to save space the tread has part cut away in alternating steps. When designing your paddle staircase, it is important to think carefully about which foot you naturally normally use first to step onto a staircase as this will equate to what step is placed at the bottom of your space saving stairs. Paddle stairs must not be built at a gradient larger than 42° as this will conflict with building regulations.Paddle StairsYou can find out more about space saving stairs by getting in touch with the Abbott-Wade team. This can be done by visiting our contact page or by calling 01744 634442. By contacting us you can arrange a free, no obligation home visit. This is where a member of our design team will discuss the staircases we can provide for your home. They will also show you samples of the materials we use to construct paddle stairs. Every Abbott-Wade employee has been carefully picked by our directors to ensure they are of the quality and standards expected of staff at the North West’s Best Small Business.

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