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The costs of a home can vary greatly in cost, as this is dependant on a number of factors. This can also translate into the cost of a new staircase or a staircase renovation, which can also be very different depending on your home.  This is affected by the size, layout and the options you choose, so be sure to keep these in mind.

You may have noticed on site, but we don’t publish staircase costs as each staircase project is completely bespoke to the requirements we are set, making it difficult to provide an estimate without knowing the specifications of a project.

Some of these variables that impact the cost of your staircase include the number of newel posts and turns, the size of the landing and whether your staircase is against a wall or open both sides. Staircase prices also depend on whether the staircase is open tread or closed tread as well as the materials that are used. These all impact the cost of the project, and not to mention other options such as stringer and/or tread cladding. So, as you can see, it is very hard to pinpoint an exact quote based off a few basic requirements!

If all of this information doesn’t mean much to you yet, we understand. Our handy terminology guide is here to help, and so are we!

So, whether you live in a terraced house, a palace, or somewhere in between, the team of experts at Abbott-Wade will be able to design and install the perfect staircase for you.

We have many options below to get the ball rolling, so you can have a look through each and see if any staircase design fits your dream vision for your home. Our competitive staircase prices UK will be sure to make you want to get started on your staircase refurbishment sooner rather than later!

We can arrange one of our design team to give you a call to discuss your project further, along with the new staircase cost.

You may also be interested to ask a member of our team about how you can spread the cost of an Abbott-Wade staircase by using one of our finance packages.

You can get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01744 634 442 or filling out our online form with any detailed enquiries you may have.


Whilst your staircase is a central feature of your home and usually the first thing people see when they enter, it’s very often overlooked. The good news is that we can transform the heart of your home for less than you think and in most cases, just one day.


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