You’ll never forget your wedding day. It’s the most magical day marking the start for your new lives together. You’ll want to remember every moment and every detail of the day which is why your wedding photographs ware so important. If you’ve got a good photographer for the day they’ll some great ideas for locations and how to document your day but it’s important to have to ideas of your own to reflect your own style, you sense of fun and your relationships with both your new suppose and the other members of your wedding party. these are some of favourite wedding photos from around the internet to inspire your own photo to document your big day!

Introduce the bride

 It’s how the movie stars make their big entrances on screen. It’s a pivotal photo introducing the star of the show so what better way to make an entrance than the stairs?

Credit: PleasureWeddingz.comCredit:

Show off the train

Your wedding dress will be beautiful to make sure you show it off. Taking this photograph on the stairs allows your train to flow down behind you to show it off in all its glory. It also has the added benefit of making you look a little taller.


Frame the happy couple

A large staircase is the perfect place to frame the happy couple between the rails on either side. The incline also allows the photographer to experiment with angles and lighting.

Credit: Hostess with the Mostess

Welcome the Wedding Party

Photographers will often take a photo of the wedding party by shooting from above to get everybody in the shot. A staircase allows this to be turned on its head by elevating the wedding party in a tiered fashion instead which allows everyone to be seen at the same time. It’s also a good excuse for some fun shots!

Credit: LoveMyDress.netCredit:

A Cinderella Wedding

There’ll be plenty of serious, romantic photographs so make sure you don’t forget to have some fun with your wedding photos too. It’s a day to enjoy after all and it’s your chance to have an element of the fairytale wedding.

Credit: BridalGuide.comCredit: Pinterest

The must-have Confetti action photo

If you’re not having a church wedding don’t miss out on the confetti photo. It’s a change for your guests to be active participants and interact with you in your wedding photos. Even if you’d planned to do this photo outside it’s also a great alternative if the weather is too wet or windy.


A different perspective

A staircase allows you to take a photo from a different, often more intimate perspective. It also allows you to capture aspects of your dress or flowers which could be missing in more conventional photographs.

Credit: jasonhwong.deviantart.comCredit:

Say Goodnight

At the end of the night don’t just drift away. Making an exit together allows your guests the opportunity to say their goodbyes and bestow their final congratulations of the evening. It is a beautiful moment to document in a photograph for posterity.


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