Christmas. It’s the most magical time of the year.

We all remember tiptoeing down the stairs on Christmas Eve night, in the hope we might get a glimpse of Mr Claus himself – leaving presents under the tree, tucking into the mince pie we left out for him and taking the carrot for Rudolph.

But have you given much thought to how you’ll decorate your staircase for the holiday season?

For a sprinkle of inspiration, here are some of our favourite festive ideas for staircases in Scotland and beyond…

A traditional garland

Simple yet incredibly effective. Buy a ready-made garland and string it along or around your bannister to add Christmas cheer to your home.

Artificial garlands are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, which makes them perfect for busy family households. Plus, many are accented with festive embellishments like holly leaves, pine cones and berries for convenience.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative, you could create your own Xmas garland using foliage from the garden. Or you could opt for an understated artificial one and decorate it yourself.


Sometimes, less is more when decorating the stairs.

Instead of, or as well as, a traditional garland, why not wrap ribbon around the bannister or weave it in between the balustrades?

You may even consider tying bows with warm red, sparkly gold or traditional tartan ribbons to give your stairwell a festive yet dramatic look.

Unused baubles

After decorating your Christmas tree, you’ll likely have some spare baubles or decorations – especially if you purchase new ones every year!

Instead of putting these back in the box and letting them go to waste, they can be tied and dangled from the handrail at regular intervals using twine or thick string. Or you could hang them on your garland.

Don’t worry if they’re all different colours, shapes, sizes and patterns – if anything, this will add to the look of your staircase and make it more interesting.


Candles cast a magical glow and give your home a festive look and feel.

Warm and wintery notes of cinnamon, mistletoe and fir trees are always popular at this time of year, too.

Clustering a few pillar candles of varying heights along your steps is a fantastic way to fill the space with light and warmth. However, we highly recommend opting for flameless candles for safety reasons.

String fairy lights

Twinkle fairy lights around your staircase railing or drape them in between the balustrades to create a pretty Christmas ambience. Fairy lights can create a cosy and homely atmosphere when used on staircases in Edinburgh, helping your guests to feel relaxed and impressed from the moment they walk through your front door.

Plus, ensuring the stairs are well-lit makes it easier for you to watch your footing when going up and down – preventing slips, trips and falls.

Wrapped presents

The options for accessorising staircases in Glasgow (or anywhere else) are limitless. However, one of our all-time favourites has to be stacking beautifully wrapped presents, either on or around the steps.

If you’re worried about gifts being broken or opened before December 25th, wrap up a few empty boxes using different coloured wrapping paper to match your festive theme and tuck them neatly to one side.


Not got a fireplace or mantelpiece to hang your stockings? No problem – you can dangle them on your staircase with ribbon or twine.

Or, you could attach them to your festive garland or use hooks to fasten them onto the structural side of your staircase to give your hallways some much-needed Christmas flare.

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