When looking to purchase a brand new staircase for your home, an integral part of the design process is designing on what kind of balustrade would best fit with the look that you are going for. Throughout our almost 25 years as a business, we here at Abbott-Wade have seen it all, as we have been required to implement all kinds of balustrades that are a makeup of a homeowners dream design.

In this blog post, we have decided to share some of the most popular balustrade materials with you to give you some inspiration on which type you should decide works best on your new staircase.

What are balustrades?

Before we delve into what kinds of balustrades are available to implement on your staircase, we thought we would give you a quick overview of what exactly a balustrade is and why it is so important to all staircases. Technically, a balustrade is a handrail that supports a row of balusters (posts) and are normally seen along staircases or balconies to cover the gaps between a handrail and the floor.

As trends have changed, a balustrade is now a huge part of the design of a staircase, as well as preventing any hazards of falling from a sizeable distance from the floor. Balustrades can be made from a variety of materials, enhancing their style as well as their substance, here are some of the most popular.

Glass balustrade

Arguably the balustrade of choice in a modern, on-trend home, a glass balustrade has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. This material allows for natural light to pour through your home, giving you a brighter and larger looking space as a result.

By installing a glass balustrade, you are allowed an unobstructed view to the rest of your home in all of its glory, while this gives you a seamless transition from one floor to another. Glass can be partnered with another material like wood to create a look that will last a lifetime and add to the home of your dreams.

Wood balustrade

Wooden balustrades go as far back as we can remember and are still one of the most popular options today. Many homes still utilise this interior design option, with the knowledge that the wood can be painted in whatever shade you desire to fit in with your dream home.

This level of versatility is what can sometimes set apart a wooden balustrade from their glass and steel counterparts, but with this pro, there is a con that not as much natural light will pass through your home, so be sure to rely on brighter walls if you are looking for your house to appear more spacious.

Steel balustrade

Although not nearly as popular as glass and balustrades indoors, steel balustrades are sometimes seen inside the home. The reason why they are not as popular indoors is that they are mainly used on outdoor balconies and staircases, due to their hard wearing nature and ability to resist the elements.

They are made up of secure steel posts that can tie together a steel pattern that runs alongside your staircase. This is why they are normally seen outdoors to fit with the theme of a particular building or area, but still most definitely have a place in a trendy home.

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