Why Glass StaircaseOne of the more contemporary staircase styles, a glass staircase has a lot to offer any household. A step away from more traditionally seen staircase designs, they can add a unique touch to homes and without comprising the safety felt with a sturdy classic flight.

We have been front runners in the staircase manufacture and renovation industry since our establishment in the mid-1990s. For more than 22 years we have refurbished and built stairs in properties up and down the country and now, more than ever, we have seen a keen interest in the glass designs that we provide.

Below you can see a number of reasons why you should buy a glass staircase from Abbott-Wade – one of the country’s leading staircase manufacturers. We are a multi-award-winning business and are currently the holders of the ‘The Customer Service Award for the North West’ which we received at the National Family Business Awards in July.


While glass is naturally delicate, we use toughened glass to ensure your flight is safe and secure. A vast amount of the designs we create are glass staircases made with oak. With staircases of this nature 10mm toughened Pilkington glass is used to guarantee you have a durable flight despite the use of a material many people see as fragile. Toughened glass is more resistant to fractures and shattering than a regular pane.


As opposed to flights which incorporate wood and steel, as seen with older staircase styles, by using glass you can allow light to more easily travel through your property. See light beam through your hallway and other areas of your home that may have formerly been blocked out by your previous staircase. While a glass staircase allows light to pass freely through your home it does not mean you cannot still incorporate traditional stairs materials like oak or forged steel to create a bespoke design for your home.


Some homes are already difficult to maintain without factoring in a new staircase that adds further complexities to your cleaning routine. With a glass staircase, however, you can benefit from gaining a part of your home that is not only easy to clean but one that will not suffer wear and tear as more easily as other areas of the property. As with glass in other parts of your home, a simple wipe over will normally suffice in cleaning the flight.


Along with the safety benefits and the advantage of having a lighter, brighter home, at Abbott-Wade our extensive variety of glass stair designs and ideas mean that everyone can receive a flight which fits effortlessly into the style of their home no matter the current décor. The process which allows for the creation of your flight begins with a home consultation with a member of our design team. Here you will be able to see sample of materials we use and the ones we feel will work best with your home such as glass with oak.Why to choose a glass staircaseFor more details about the staircase designs we offer you can get in touch with the supportive, knowledgeable Abbott-Wade team by calling 01744 634442. Alternatively, contact us via email at info@abbottwade.co.uk/. Our staff are always on hand to help you with any questions or queries you have.

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