Staircase Designs of 2018As the year draws towards its final few weeks this blog post takes a look at the staircase designs that have proven to be the most popular this year. In homes up and down the country we have performed the design, manufacture and installation of staircases of countless designs.

No design is too complicated or unachievable for the experienced Abbott-Wade team who have been at the forefront of the staircase renovation and refurbishment industry since our formation way back in 1996.

The staircase is an undervalued part of the home. After all, in the majority of houses, it is the first part of the inside of property you see when you walk through the door. Whatever the style our customers desire we are able to accommodate their ideas to create them a strong, stable, stunning staircase of their dreams. Check out our most sought after styles below!

Glass Staircases

A design that has become increasingly popular this year has been our range of glass staircases. The use of glass balustrading allows for a more open look in your hallway and allows for light to be able to more easily pass through your home. In summer watch sunlight beam through the room and in winter when natural light is sparse any artificial lights you use will no longer be blocked out by a bulky staircase.

A common combination is the use of oak with glass to create a mixture between both traditional and modern staircase designs.

Painted Staircases

When it comes to the wooden staircases that we provide there is a certain kind that has certainly caught the eye this year. Painted staircases have grown in popularity as they are perfect for allowing homeowners to add a more personalised touch to their flight of stairs.

Each staircase we provide arrives at our customers home pre-finished and there are a multitude of options available. A single colour can be adopted in keeping with the home’s current décor or a combination of colours and shades can be applied for a truly bespoke look.

Steel Staircases

Though normally thought of as something you would see in the workplace, there has been a surge in the number of steel staircases fitted in homes over the past 12 months. We offer a selection of steel spindles which can be combined with both oak or glassed to create of a staircase design of a tailored, unique nature. Steel is a strong and sturdy material which makes it popular in contemporary staircase designs but that does not mean its use cannot successfully fit in with a traditionally styled home. Our expert designers are able to work in unison with homeowners to create a style of staircase that can complement or match the design of homes both new and old.

Paddle Staircases

A different design of staircase altogether, paddle stairs are used when the room for a regular staircase is not available. Designed at a sharper pitch in order to save space, our creations are always constructed in keeping with UK building regulations. Popular in homes where space is at a premium, paddle stairs can open out extra floor space in your home. The design is also ideal in properties which have had a loft conversion. The paddles are alternate steps, so you must ascend and descend in line with the tread.For more details about the staircase designs we offer you can get in touch with the supportive, knowledgeable Abbott-Wade team by calling 01744 634442. Alternatively, contact us via email at Staircase

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