Our homes are special places. They are the places where we feel safest and most comfortable and it should be a privilege for someone to be invited into a place which is so  precious to us. At Abbott-Wade we understand this and that trust it takes to allow someone to complete work in your home. That’s why we endeavour to be tidy tradesmen and to treat you home with the respect it deserves.

Tidy Tradesman

 “There was minimal disruption you wouldn’t have known they’d been here.” – Mr & Mrs Slater, Blackburn


We can’t pretend to be perfect. Anywhere where wood is cut and plaster is disturbed there will always be dust but our aim is to keep this to a minimum, that’s why Henry Hoover is an important member of every installation team. We don’t expect this to be the deciding factor when choosing someone to renovate your stairs, but it has proved to be an important consideration for many of our customers and an added benefit to choosing a pre-finished product.


Abbott-Wade had been recommended to us but we still decided to contact other companies to make sure the quote was competitive, which it was. After meeting with the designer, our mind was made up. It was clear that they shared our vision and were able to answer all of our questions. The pre-finished service was also a deciding factor for us as we have young children and it was important that mess and disruption was kept to a minimum.” – Mr & Mrs Morris, Lancashire


Of course, leaving your home clean and tidy isn’t the whole story. It is a reflection of the attitude of our company and our fitters. Our aim is to be polite, professional and considerate – while also being friendly. It’s a fine balancing act – but we’re managing it!


Golding DA2 Feedback– Mr & Mrs Golding, Dartford


phillips, Hampstead

– Mr & Mrs Phillips, Hampstead

Hodges, Taplow

– Mr & Mrs Hodges, Taplow


Does taking the time to take care of your surroundings distract from the main task at hand? Not according to our customers. Leaving your home clean and tidy is just the icing on the cake. It allows you to to really appreciate and focus on the beautiful new addition to your home.

Chippendale, Wakefield

– Mr & Mrs Chippendale, Wakefield


Cox, Colchester

– Mr & Mrs Cox, Colchester


Davies, Sutton

– Mr & Mrs Davies, Sutton



The tidiness of our installations adds to the overall convenience of an Abbott-Wade installation. Add to this our pre-finished materials and surprisingly speedy installations and the result is a major transformation in your home with minimal disruption.

Merrett, Golborne

– Mr & Mrs Merrett, Golborne


Dutton, Hertfordshire

– Mr & Mrs Dutton, Hertfordshire


Mullin, Lymm

– Mr & Mrs Mullin, Lymm



Our fitters are true craftsmen and the high quality of the their workmanship is always appreciated by our customers.


Merry, Margate

– Mr & Mrs Merry, Margate

Mitchell, Northamtonshire

– Mr & Mrs Mitchell, Northamptonshire



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