Stainless steel balustrades have become the latest trend in staircase renovations, as they can transform any plain, old room into a more current and contemporary space.

Here at Abbott-Wade Ltd, we offer our customers a premier range of stainless steel staircase parts, which can be combined with glass for a fresher feel or wood for a more traditional look.

Regardless of your preferences, we can guarantee that implementing a stainless-steel staircase will allow you to benefit from these top three advantages: 

1. Visually pleasing

At Abbott-Wade we provide a high-quality range of steel staircase parts that are guaranteed to modernise and enhance your space, making it sleeker and up-to-date.

We also combine style with safety, as new regulations require the use of downstands to reduce gaps and prevent injury. We have adhered to this by using glass to close the gaps – which is not only secure but also enhances the aesthetic and brightens up the room.

2. Style variations

One of the many advantages of a stainless-steel staircase is the versatility of the design. This enables you to choose the right shape, size, finish, and materials to construct the perfect staircase for you.

Here at Abbot-Wade, we can help you create the staircase of your dreams with our wide-ranging staircase fittings. For a more traditional look with a modern twist, you could choose to combine our brushed stainless steel balustrades with our luxurious walnut steps.  Or if you are looking to implement a bespoke style, then our forged steel spindles would look great in conjunction with our bronzed glass staircase fittings.

3. Cost-efficient

We provide highly affordable stainless-steel staircase solutions that are guaranteed to last, as steel is an extremely durable material. Thanks to its ability to withstand adverse weather and extensive wear, it can also be applied indoors and outdoors.

Stainless steel is also very low-maintenance, as it does not require rigorous cleaning. Instead, it can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth to make it appear brand new.

These two factors will significantly reduce costs, as your steel staircase will last for a prolonged period and there is no need to purchase ongoing maintenance materials.

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