If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering replacing or renovating your staircase. Like all our customers at this stage, you’re be considering the practicalities of the installation: What style do I want? When will we be ready to do the work? How much will it cost?

What you probably haven’t spent too much time considering is:

‘What is it actually like living with an Abbott-Wade staircase?’

The easiest way to answer this question is to ask those who already know! And of course, behind every comment there’s a story of the journey each of these customers has been on with Abbott-Wade. Simply click on their name to read all about it.

What do the neighbours think?

It’s important to remember that what the neighbours think isn’t actually important. What is important is that the staircase is right for you. That said, although many people don’t like to admit it openly – we do care about what other people think.

“We have received numerous compliments (including trade) on how magnificent the staircase looks and how in keeping it is with the rest of the home. Other comments are beautiful and compliment how well made the staircase is. We have no hesitation in recommending Abbott-Wade and have done on various occasions.” – Mr Wills

“Stunning – it’s achieved the look we wanted and everyone who visits comments on how great it looks.” – Mrs Catesby

“Stunning! Everyone who visits loves it and we are delighted.” – Mrs Thompson

“We couldn’t be more pleased! The transformation is amazing; it gives our small, dated hallway and staircase a real wow factor. We love it for its simplicity and style and have received lots of favourable comments from family and friends, especially when they see what can be done to such a small area.” – Mrs King

It’s easy to maintain

All our installations are pre-finished in our in-house spray shop which means there’s no painting or varnishing to be done following the installation.

“It’s been several years now since the project was completed and we remain just as delighted with the end result. There’s been no maintenance needed and the stairs still look superb.  Everyone who visits still comments on our staircase and we have recommended Abbott-Wade many times over the years. Several of our friends have since used Abbott-Wade on our recommendation and they have been equally impressed with the service, professionalism and the price they have received.” – Mr Frodsham

“The final result is fantastic. It’s now been several years since the installation was completed and the staircase still looks fresh and has aged better than us. We’ve since recommended Abbott-Wade to other friends and colleagues who have been equally as impressed with their service.” – Mr Morris

We’re reassured by the Aftercare

At Abbott-Wade we have a dedicated Aftercare fitter. This is part of our commitment to make sure that all work is completed to a high standard and that any snagging issues are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“The follow up service to ensure everything was perfect was excellent with very fine attention to detail.” – Mrs Currie

“The whole process from quote to completion was professional and seamless, even the minor snagging issues at completion were dealt with promptly and satisfactorily. It has radically transformed our hallway and main entrance. All my neighbours are intrigued and have come to view and we are now the envy of the street.” – Mrs Farrall

It has improved the layout of our hallway

Renovating and replacing staircases is largely about the aesthetics of a home but there are major practical elements too. Abbott-Wade installations can really open up a space by introducing glass or by redesigning the construction of the balustrade to create more space or even by completely changing the footprint and layout of the whole staircase to really make the most of your home.

“It has transformed our modest hallway into an inviting space, the transformation is unbelievable. We have no hesitation in highly recommending Abbott-Wade for your new staircase, you won’t be disappointed.” – Mrs Hill

“The new staircase has opened up our hallway which is exactly what we’d hoped to achieve. It’s a lovely addition to our home!” – Mr Mallander

“We’re delighted with the end result. It’s opened up the hallway and has given us much more footprint, and the openness has created a light and airy space which has transformed the entrance to the house. The entire process was free of difficulty and seamless, and completed in one and a half days with minimal collateral damage easily remedied by our decorator. We celebrated by getting a 15′ Christmas tree and placing it right up the centre of the staircase! Should we ever move and consider changing a staircase again, Abbott-Wade will be our first point of contact.” – Mr Bond

It’s so much lighter and brighter

The transformation a staircase renovation can make to your home can be astounding. The warm tones of oak and clear properties of glass can make your home feel bigger, brighter and warmer.

“We are delighted with the end result. It looks and feels extremely tactile and much more light is now able to reach the stairwell.” – Mr & Mrs Johnson

“The new staircase has created a real ‘wow’ factor in my home. What was previously a dark hole has been completely lifted, brightening up the entire hallway and landing.” – Mr Rose

“I love it! The sandblasted glass looks great and has received lots of compliments from visitors to my home. It’s certainly brightened up what was previously a dark hallway.” – Mr Chadwick

“The hallway and landing have been transformed from a small dark space into a bright and beautiful area at the heart of our home. All visitors are amazed at the difference.” – Mr Aspinwall

The aesthetics are perfect

We take great care to get every installation just right. Quality craftsmanship, premium grade materials and an experienced design team means your staircase will be perfect for you and perfect for your home.

“The spindles sparkle in the sunshine and by evening lamplight.    The access to two more rooms and a bathroom is way beyond our expectations.” – Mrs Mansfield

“The outcome is truly delightful! We have achieved the safe, practical staircase we desired with the benefit of being aesthetically perfect.” – Mr Holiday

“Brilliant, we are so pleased. It’s created a real statement piece in the heart of our home.” – Mr & Mrs Brown

“The staircase looks fantastic.  It is a real feature in the house now and has far exceeded our expectations.” – Mr & Mrs Nichols

“We and others think that the final result looks as though it has always been there and matches the rest of the house.’ – Mrs Cooke

At last, our home is complete

Taking the first step to renovation your staircase can take a long time. Our customers often tell us it is something which was long overdue and in hindsight should have been done much, much sooner.

“After thirty years, the house at last feels ‘all of a piece’; the cornerstone of the aesthetic is now in place.  The historic and the contemporary are now in harmony.  A very satisfactory, and very satisfying, result.” – James & Shelagh

“I only wish I could have afforded it years ago. I absolutely love my new staircase. The whole process took forty eight hours to complete and the workmen were very tidy, clearing away the mess and cleaning up as they went. They were also very friendly.” – Mrs Minty

A great investment

A new staircase is an investment of time, trust and money, but as Mrs Farrell tells us – ‘It was worth every penny!’

“Although this project was a tad over budget – it was worth every penny! With special thanks on a job well done to all involved, including those behind the scenes.” – Mrs Farrall

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