After a year ruined by COVID-19, Christmas is sure to provide some light relief, right? One less stress you can count on is the busy shops full of Christmas shoppers that have left it to the last minute! With more of an emphasis than ever on staying indoors, it may be wise to think about different ways you can decorate your home in preparation for the big day.

So, as the staircase experts at Abbott-Wade, we thought we would give you some inspiration when it comes to decorating your glass or wooden staircase so you know where to start when it comes to kitting it out in the very best in festive decorations.

Decorating the handrail

One way of effectively decorating your staircase for Christmas is to hang cute decorations over the handrails, to help your staircase become firmly part of the festive fun this year. You will be reminded of the happy Christmas experience every time you walk up and down them, and who wouldn’t want that? You can also intertwine garland and LED lights around the handrail to help them stand out amongst the Christmas colour that already exists in your home.

For many, the staircase is at the centre of all goings on in the household, so giving it a pop of light will only enhance its position as the stand out attraction in the home.

Decorating the spindles

Take advantage of the structure of your spindles when decorating your staircase ready for Christmas, as there are some clever ways in which you can utilise them to give your home a pure festive feel. Spindles in a wooden staircase design are a popular choice to hang decorative stockings from to emphasise the feeling of giving and receiving at this time of year. We recommend that you don’t fill these stockings with any heavy items, as the strain placed on the spindles can result in long-lasting damage that outlasts the Christmas period!

Staircase spindles are also a great place to hang a wreath if you want to avoid the dominance of greenery that a garland achieves, a wreath here can still give you the Christmas vibes that you are looking for without overwhelming the look of your staircase, allowing its natural beauty to shine through.

What about glass staircases?

If you own a glass staircase and don’t have spindles, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! Although you won’t be able to hang decorations from your glass balustrade as easy as you would with spindles, there are still some great ways that you can kit out your staircase ready for the festive season.

Use the glass to your advantage and stick some Christmas drawings or crafts from your young ones to impress visitors and to get the whole family involved during this time of love and affection for those closest to you. Utilise cotton to make a winter wonderland running up your stairs that can easily be placed over your balustrade. Make sure that you use some winter animals to add to the festive feelings throughout the home. Polar bears, reindeers or even Santa himself could make an appearance, the choice is yours!

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