Christmas is a wonderful time of year and friends, children and grandchildren delight in being surrounded by the decorations which adorn your home. We take the time to decorate our homes with the tree in the living room or hallway. If you’re looking to progress from a mere sprig of tinsel on top of picture frames to something more stylish; take a look at our guide to decorating your staircase for the festive season. When it comes to decorating your staircase for Christmas, regardless of whether you plan to deck your halls with boughs of holly or add sparkle with seasonal lighting, you’re sure to find some ideas to add some festive cheer to your home.





Reds and greens are traditional festive colours which reflect the foliage often found during the winter months and, on this scale create a big impact, especially if your hall way is big enough to house you tree.

Source: Pinterest/Decoholic

A simple design can compliment a minimalist home style: ‘Less is more’ as they say. The palest green garland below almost becomes part of the white staircase as it hangs effortlessly from the handrail. A subtle and elegant design for an tasteful, unstated style.

Source: Pinterest/whiteandfaded

Simple white, seasonal snowflakes set against white spindles can be home crafted or store bought to add some winter magic to you hallway. Experiment with size and style involve the youngest family members in arranging or even making the snowflakes.

Source: Pinterest/BHG Sensational Style

In years gone bye, decorations would be hand crafted from paper to decorate the home for Christmas. Unless you’re incredibly talented, you’ll want to buy some 3d paper shapes and use cotton or fishing wire to tie them in place, adding ribbons for an extra flourish. Choose festive colours like greens, reds and gold or use colours in keeping with your current decor.

Source: Pinterest/House & Home

If you’ve got a small hallway, try not to over-do it as the space can easily look cluttered. Choose a simple colour scheme and accessories carefully. This slimline tree takes up a small footprint while flowers and tinsels are mounted to the stairs and door to save valuable floor space.

Source: Abbott-Wade

Vintage figures add a touch of classic fun to a home and youngsters will love them. These Nutcracker figures feel like they’re straight out of Santa’s workshop. Remember to keep the figures tight to the edge of the treads and warn visitors before the use the stairs to avoid any accidents.

Source: Pinterest/Pursuing Vintage

Who can forget the lights at christmas? Don’t save them exclusively for the tree, they can transform a stairway, especially in the twilight hours and add a tough of magic to your hallway.

Source: Pinterest/Lights4Fun

If your intention is to use traditional garlands of greenery on your stairway, add red ribbons to emphasis those Christmas colours and lights which will make the stairs look magical during the evening hours by subtly showing off the greens and reds in the low light.


Source: Pinterest/enchantedhome

If your stairs are big enough, why not opt for lanterns rather than a string of lights? It’s best to opt for battery operated candles which mimic a real flame just in case one is accidentally knocked over. Thick, flowing ribbons add to the feel.

Source: Pinterest/pinimg

However you decorate your home for Christmas, make sure you it is in a style which feels right for you and your family. As a family-run business, Christmas is an important time for us and we celebrate it together just as you do with yours.

A Very Happy Christmas to you and your family from all of our family at Abbott-Wade.


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