For the Carney family it was a choice to either move or improve. But their home had the potential to become their dream home with some help from Abbott-Wade.

“We are absolutely chuffed to bits with our new staircase; it’s exceeded our expectations!”

Why a new staircase?

We never liked the look of the staircase from the day we moved into our new home; but like most things we just put up with it.


We’d contemplated moving home, and having looked what was available we decided that our home was actually perfect for us but was in need of some TLC.  Not only that but the cost of moving home was actually going to be significantly more than giving our home a makeover.

Decision making process:

We’re not going to lie – we did have quotes from other companies. So why Abbott-Wade? Well the designer that visited our home was not only extremely courteous and respectful, but actually listened to what we wanted.  We liked the fact that there were no silly gimmicks, “the price we quote is the price you pay”.

Style choice:

We chose oak and glass.  We wanted to not only maximise the light in our hallway, but also give our home a modern look.

End result:

We are absolutely chuffed to bits with our new staircase; it’s exceeded our expectations.  We were told it would take a day and it did.  The team that carried out the work, were brilliant, including Henry (the hoover).

Other Comments:

Sadly these days it’s somewhat of a rarity that when promised a good quality job you actually get it.  We’re happy to say, that Abbott Wade are not one of those companies, our expectations were surpassed.  Thank you!

Before & After:

Carney - before 2 Carney - after 2

 Carney - before 1 Carney - after 1

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