Risers should rise to the occasion!

A staircase riser is the vertical, forward facing front of the stairs closing the gap between each tread. For many staircases this will be hidden beneath carpet but it doesn’t have to be. As part of our bespoke service, your staircase will be what you want it to be and our prefinished service means the messy work is all done for you!

Don’t Worry – It’s going to be all white!

Well…not necessarily all white. These staircases recently installed by Abbott-Wade pair white risers with oak treads a clean and stylish combination.

It’s not just white and oak that makes an impression!

Don’t be fooled into thinking there’s a universal solution for your stairs, there isn’t. Your staircase can be as unique as you are. These images illustrate how beautiful white risers pair with other timbers such as walnut, or a painted/stained  timber & steel staircase. And don’t think that white’s the only option either. You’ll also see black risers pictured below but there are many more colours to choose from too!

Keep it natural!

Colour isn’t for everyone. If you’ve opted for hardwood treads it logical that you may prefer matching risers like the oak & walnut examples below.

Whatever option you select for your staircase, our bespoke service and premium prefinished materials means that your staircase will be the focal point your home deserves.

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