Ahhh the spiral staircase, something we have all thought about implementing into our homes at some point, right?

Normally the next thought that comes into our head is “that might be a bit too out there for me!”, but why not? After all, contemporary, unique staircases are on the rise as more and more people decide to experiment with the look of their home in order to create a living space of their dreams.

If you are still on the fence about installing some of these space saving stairs inside (or outside!) your building, then take a look at this blog post from Abbott-Wade…

The history of a spiral staircase

It is estimated that spiral staircases could have been used as far back as 1000BC, but the earliest remains of one of these structures have been dated back to 480BC in Sicily, Italy. Italy continues to have the oldest standing spiral staircase in the world, which can be found in Rome and was built in 113AD.

Old spiral staircases were built from stone or marble and were usually built up against walls to be able to support the building’s weight. This explains why they are, often, a fixture in any old buildings or landmarks you visit!

Why build a spiral staircase?

If you have ever seen a spiral staircase, or used one before, you will know what a different experience this is from using your standard straight staircase. If you feel like your property would like to move away from the norm, yet still remain as practical as a building should, then a spiral staircase could be perfect for you.

One of the main reasons why a spiral staircase is a popular choice for homeowners these days is due to their smaller footprint. Everyone wants to save space one way or another, especially if you have a smaller home, and this can be easily achieved with a spiral staircase. You are able to use the space freed up by this staircase on other aspects of your home, allowing you to be efficient with the area you have.

Where can spiral staircases be used?

Spiral staircases are quite unique in the sense that they can be used anywhere in the home. We are guessing that you would probably like to install one as the central staircase in your home, where they are more than capable of performing that function whilst still maintaining your home’s modern style and appeal to both members of the households and visitors. However, spiral staircases can also be used as a staircase that leads to a cellar or basement or is the perfect way of reaching a new loft extension.

Spiral staircases don’t have to be used exclusively indoors either. In fact, spiral staircases are very popular in outdoor spaces too. Spiral steel staircases are perfect for fire escape routes from a room upstairs or can be used as outdoor staircases in flats or a barn conversion, the choice is truly yours!

Are spiral staircases safe?

All kinds of staircases are safe, as long as they are installed properly, and this is no different with a spiral staircase from Abbott-Wade. Although they are quite different from the standard straight staircase, they are very easy to get used to, if you take extra care on your first few ascents and descents!

Some extra safety precautions you may want to take are ensuring the staircase has a sturdy handrail and is well maintained by keeping it tidy and ensuring there are no slip or trip hazards present. But these are your standard checks to make sure your staircase is safe for use; common sense prevails on this one!

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