Staircases are an essential, yet often overlooked, element of the majority of homes. No matter what design you choose for your staircase, it should enhance your surroundings rather than detract from them.

Modern staircases are extremely versatile, with designs ranging from grand and elegant showpieces to those that are more understated. The staircase you choose will depend upon your taste, budget, choice of décor and the space you have available.

One option that you may not have given much consideration to is the wooden spiral staircase.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of wooden spiral staircases, and why they may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Wooden spiral staircases save space

Here at Abbott Wade, our customers usually state that spatial restrictions are their main reason for opting for a wooden spiral staircase.

New build homes are often smaller than older properties. Therefore, every bit of square footage gained is extremely valuable.

Wooden spiral staircases have a much smaller footprint than their traditionally shaped counterparts, due to the structure, which builds on top of itself. This means that the stairs can be tucked into an otherwise unused corner of your hallway. This allows you to maximise your space for storage, a downstairs loo, or anything else that benefits your lifestyle.

However, the space saving features of wooden spiral staircases don’t come at the cost of safety. Our spiral stairs feature full-sized steps, just like those on a classic staircase, but they are arranged in a compact way that make the most of your space.

Wooden spiral staircases are customisable

Whatever your décor, taste and budget, there’s a wooden spiral staircase that will meet your needs perfectly.

From the individual steps to the spindles and handrails, we will work with you to customise every aspect of our spiral staircases to meet your vision.

Wooden spiral staircases improve access

Many homes feature attics that are difficult to access. Ladders aren’t an ideal solution, especially if you need to access the loft frequently.

If you’re planning on converting your attic into an office or extra bedroom, installing a traditional wooden staircase will mean that you’ll lose a lot of square footage from your landing or an existing bedroom.

Why compromise on losing space on one floor to gain room in your loft? Our wooden spiral staircases give you greater flexibility here. They can fit into tight spaces, often providing access via a hole in the floor of your loft and resulting in almost no change to your existing floor plan.

Wooden spiral staircases are cost-effective

Spiral staircases often have a lower installation cost than those that are traditionally shaped. Additionally, the value they will add to your home by improving access to underused space makes them a highly cost-effective option.

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