Location: Havant, Hampshire

Designer: Roger Burton

In Summary:

A soft warm carpet leaves this lovely Hampshire staircase renovation feeling comfortable underfoot while the oak and glass balustrade ensures the space is filled with light.


Abbott-Wade has successfully achieved a stylish staircase renovation by cladding over the existing structural parts and replacing key components such as newel posts and balustrades. This innovative approach creates the illusion of a completely new staircase. 

Our skilled and experienced team has crafted this unique New Staircase installation using a combination of new CNC technology and traditional carpentry techniques.


The contemporary home is enhanced by a modern staircase design that creates a sense of spaciousness and brightness in the stairs and hallway. The carefully chosen materials contribute to this effect while still maintaining harmony with the rest of the home.

In keeping with the overall style of the property, a traditionally styled staircase has been designed and constructed to seamlessly blend with its surroundings. The newel posts and spindles add a touch of classical elegance that complements the property’s aesthetic.

The timeless style of the staircase strikes a perfect balance between modern and traditional elements, making it an ideal fit for this setting.

Timber Choice:

The stunning staircase in this home is enhanced by our pre-finished Natural Oak, making it the perfect choice. Our team of sprayers meticulously prepares and finishes all our timber stair parts in-house, ensuring a furniture quality finish. This attention to detail is essential for a staircase that holds a prominent position in the home.

Newel Posts & Caps:  

Square newel posts made from solid engineered oak with 4 perfect faces and no visible joins and square edged newel caps.

Handrail Style:  

Sleek oak handrail for a safe and comfortable grip.


These panels are fixed with stainless steel clamps, which add extra detail and create a sense of cohesion with other fixtures in the home. The clear glass balustrade allows natural light to flood the stairway, further enhancing the spaciousness of the home.


A soft, warm carpet covers the existing treads and risers of the original staircase for a comfortable feeling under foot.

The first step of this Abbott-Wade staircase is made taken in style. A bespoke carpeted feature step completes this staircase design & adds a stylish invitation to climb these stylish new stairs.

New Staircases & Staircase Renovations in Havant, Hampshire

Our expert team installed this stunning Abbott-Wade staircase in Havant. Whether you reside in neighbouring Fareham, Gosport, Portsmouth, Hambledon or even beyond, our Nationwide service ensures that we can come to you.

Havant, being a picturesque part of the country, provides the perfect backdrop for a magnificent new bespoke staircase or a staircase refurbishment. Abbott-Wade has successfully installed and refurbished numerous stairs throughout Hampshire. Feel free to browse our case studies or take the first step and reach out to us to discover how we can renovate your staircase as well!

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