The Abbott-Wade M8 newel post is our favoured newel and coveted by our competitors because the 8mm precision mitred faces provide 4 perfect oak faces without any visible joins which are evident in the laminated 2-piece newels used by other staircase companies.

Abbott-Wade M8 Newel Post

What’s more, this is not what you’ll hear others describe as a ‘wrapped post’ because such substantial pieces oak surround the oak core meaning there is not risk of the mitred joints separating.

Most importantly however, this specially engineered post is the most environmentally sustainable solid oak post we’ve found.

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Customers understandably prefer the appearance of oak comprised of the lighter grains with fewer blemishes. Oak however is a natural product and tones, grains and colouring can vary considerably. Standard 2-piece laminated newels cannot use these parts of the oak tree for aesthetic reasons despite having the same properties as the rest of the tree and are therefore rejected meaning large quantities of the slow growing oak hardwood are wasted. Our M8 newels use this part of the oak within it’s core where it provides the structural integrity and strength required while encased by the most handsome oak producing a more aesthetically pleasing, solid oak post with less wasted oak. It is just another aspect of our environmental commitment as a responsible and ethical family business.

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