Mr Gary Aspinwall, Culcheth, Warrington, Cheshire

Why a new staircase?

We have spent the last 12 months renovating our new home and whilst it looked great, the staircase remained drab and dated. It was the last job to be completed and yet in hindsight, the most important.


We knew we wanted glass from the outset, however had only ever seen it in natural wood finishes. When Abbott-Wade said they could do this we were delighted.

Decision making process:

We wanted a specialist company we could trust. Abbott-Wade were happy to provide us with a host of testimonials and even arranged for us to visit a project they’d recently completed.

Style choice:

I wanted a contemporary look to complement our décor of minimalist white and neutrals and was immediately sold on the sleek combination of white prefinished polished oak and glass.

End Result:

The hallway and landing have been transformed from a small dark space into a bright and beautiful area at the heart of our home. All visitors are amazed at the difference.

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