A new, beautiful warm oak staircase with non-slip oak treads houses a frameless glass balustrade, eliminating the need for handrails and newel post caps altogether if desired. Unlike standard balustrade glass, frameless glass requires a thicker profile to compensate for the strength which would otherwise be provided by the timber posts and rails. Precision drilling prior to the toughening process is also required to allow an alternative and secure fitting method.

Abbott-Wade only offer frameless glass for new flights. The 15mm glass is of significant additional weight in comparison to the standard 10mm glass used and is fixed to the stringer of the stairs, which are manufactured specifically to accommodate the frameless glass.

Safety is paramount for us and our customers at Abbott-Wade, so we don’t install frameless glass into our staircase renovations as the structural integrity of an existing staircase installed by a third party cannot be guaranteed to provide a safe and secure installation for a prolonged period of time.

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