Oak is by far the most popular timber chosen by our customers for their new staircase installations and renovations. Many customers choose not to carpet their treads but why choose stairs without a carpet? Abbott-Wade’s hardwood treads make a feature of the exposed oak to show off the warm tones and grains in all their natural glory! All our hardwood treads whether ash, walnut, sapele or oak treads are finished with a non-slip coating to ensure they are not only beautiful but also (and most importantly) safe.

Oak treads can be incorporated into any new flight, whether an open tread or closed tread staircase, and can even be partially covered with an on-stair carpet runner to great effect.

Oak treads are also an option for our staircase renovations which surprises many new customers. Our skilled installation teams are able to cleverly clad over softwood treads with solid oak to create the illusion of a new solid oak staircase.

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