Helical Staircase

Transforming an existing helical staircase requires precisely made components due to the truly bespoke nature of this type of staircase. Even the slightest error of only a couple millimetres when producing the materials for your helical staircase design could be disastrous to the entire installation so that is where Abbott-Wade’s expertise and experience, from over 20 years in the industry, comes in very handy.

A number of different materials can be incorporated into a curved staircase design, with glass, timber and steel all looking fantastic as part of any bespoke helical staircase. They can even be used in combination with each other to create a unique staircase design.

Abbott-Wade use a detailed 3D digital survey which allows our team of designers to build up an accurate 3D CAD model to allow for a meticulous manufacture of your bespoke helical staircase. The model will accurately reflect the helical staircase design you can come up with in conjunction with our designers and we will never start any work in your home until you are wholly happy with the design of your new helical staircase.

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