Walnut Staircases

Walnut is the ultimate luxury when it comes to staircases. The rich chocolate-brown tones and fine texture make a breathtaking statement, especially when paired with material such as glass or steel.

Walnut staircases offer a hardwood that’s composed of straight grain, with a fine even texture. Walnut timber is tough, strong and very easily worked with. The timber can be machined and finished precisely whilst taking polish extremely well.

Walnut has been used historically for high end furniture and interior timber products due to its value. Considered a premium domestic hardwood, this timber is a favoured for use in contrast with lighter colours making walnut staircases as stunning as they are strong.

Customer testimonial

To say we are thrilled with our new staircase in an understatement. So refreshing to have tradesmen in our home that deliver on what they promise - stunning glass staircase and professional and courteous fitters. Thank you Abbott Wade!"
Bill & Dianne, Cheshire


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