Staircase railing ideas

Often, staircases are overlooked in terms of their importance to a building’s interior design. But once you’ve realised how crucial they are in creating your ideal look, you will soon appreciate how a beautiful railing or spindle can be the catalyst of a staircase you just can’t take your eyes off.

Here at Abbott-Wade –  the specialists when it comes to staircase ideas – we feel well placed to present you with some staircase railing design options that may take your fancy. There is a wide range available, so make sure you do your research before entering the minefield that is staircase design ideas! Here are some considerations to make about each of the popular staircase materials…

Wooden staircase railings

Perhaps the most traditional of staircase railings out there, wood is still in demand for those looking for superb spindles for their property. Arguably the most flexible (in terms of design outcomes), they can be easily painted any colour you desire. Maybe a particular shade will complement your walls or carpet? Or a pop of colour will revitalise your living space? Regardless of your end goal, wooden staircase spindles will look the part for years to come!

Spindles usually come in a selection of standard designs, giving you choice between which look you prefer. But if you take a look at our website or brochure, you’ll see the wide range of creative railings we have available to choose from. We’re sure you will find one you think is a must have!

If you already have a design in mind, get in touch with one of our team of experts and we can discuss the possibility of turning your dream into a reality as soon as you’re ready.

Glass staircase railings

Glass staircase panels are becoming commonplace in modern homes that want to capitalise on the natural light benefits that they bring. This clear material allows natural light to flow through your building with ease, giving you that open plan feel that is right on trend when it comes to modern interior design.

A frameless glass balustrade is versatile, as it can be paired with any existing materials and colours to create a standout design that will complement your current décor and never go out of fashion!

It is easy to see why this kind of staircase design is so popular. If you feel like you’d benefit from this variety of railing, then make sure you check out our full range of options on our website now.

Steel staircase railings

Metal can be easily shaped to make creative, unique designs that fit perfectly with your personal preference or the general aesthetic of your home. Although their stronger, more durable make up makes them an ideal choice for commercial and outdoor staircases, they are increasingly popular in homes too.

Their strength means they are the safest material to opt for – perfect if you want the peace of mind that your staircase will be able to hold up and withstand any physical force.

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