When designing a floor plan for a new house, one of the very first steps is to determine where the stairs will be placed.

The reason that the positioning of the staircase is so important is because it helps to establish the flow of your home. Modern wooden staircase designs focus on function, accessibility, aesthetics, and aim to create a feeling of space.

Traditional staircase placement

The most traditional place for a wooden staircase is facing the front door.

It’s no coincidence that this location has remained the most popular with architects for decades. The hallway typically serves as a central corridor in the home, providing access to all rooms on that floor.

It therefore usually makes sense that the staircase is placed here, offering further access to upstairs rooms. The bottom step is also handy to perch on whilst putting your shoes on, ready to leave the house.

Having said this, your wooden staircase should be placed in a location that makes sense for your family and lifestyle.

If there isn’t enough space between your front door and the foot of your staircase, this traditional layout can feel rather cramped. Our experts recommend leaving at least three to six feet of space between the front door and the first step of your wooden staircase.

Moving a staircase

If the current positioning of your wooden staircase doesn’t fit with your family’s routines and activities, or is making your hallways feel a little short on space, you may consider moving it to a location that makes more sense.

Moving your wooden staircase can bring more function and flow to your home, creating a more open living space. With clever design, moving a staircase can even bring extra light into your home, improving its aesthetics and even its value.

Alternative staircase placement ideas

Open floor plans are increasingly common, as they allow for flow between living spaces. An open layout can sometimes eliminate hallways entirely, with stairs typically located in a hub of family activity, such as the living room or kitchen.

This contemporary approach to wooden staircase placement can improve ease of access between levels. It can also provide more space for storage – an increasingly important factor in modern family homes.

A staircase placement trend that’s on the rise is flipping the access point. The same traditional space is used in the hallway, but the stairs begin at the opposite end, providing access from a more central point in the house. This creates more space by the front door and improves accessibility from frequently used family rooms.

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