Do you think this photograph (pictured right) looks just like any rocky outcrop that you’d find on most beaches in the UK?

If so, think again and take a closer look.

Peter, one of our talented Design Consultants recently visited Borth in mid-Wales and came across this Bronze Age oak forest that has been recently revealed after ferocious storms that pummelled the Welsh coastline. The stumps of the oak trees can be seen at low tide and are thought to be around 5,000 years old. They have been preserved by the acid conditions in the peat of the land, which, devoid of oxygen, means the microbes which normally rot things cannot grow and being slightly alkaline, pickles whatever it touches helping to preserve it, resulting in the stumps surviving to become the stuff of legends and folklore.

Some say the petrified forest is part of the mythical submerged kingdom of Cantre’r Gwaelod, which legend states lies under the Irish Sea in Cardigan Bay and the township of Borth was flooded after a priestess from the kingdom neglected a magical well.

You can meet Peter and the rest of the Abbott-Wade Team on the ‘Meet The Team’ section of our About Us website page.

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