We’re worked hard for many years to build one of the best reputations in the industry. We’ve achieved this with hard work and working to the highest standards. Our customers take great reassurance in this along the Abbott-Wade guarantee which we offer with every installation. But for that added peace of mind, Abbott-Wade are also Full Members of The Furniture Ombudsman who provide a service for consumers to deal with disputes with furniture and home improvement retailers.

Who is The Furniture Ombudsman?

Originally known as Qualitas, The Furniture Ombudsman was first established in 1992 at the prompting of the Office of Fair Trading to improve the standards and service offered by furniture and floor covering companies and to help to resolve disputes through the Alternative Dispute Resolution Service. Reputable retailers like Abbott-Wade who support The Furniture Ombudsman and their values follow the Code of Practice, which covers all domestic furniture and floor coverings. The Code sets out best practice principles to ensure high standards in product and service that will enhance customer satisfaction.


Abbott-Wade’s proven excellence is evident by the delighted customers from around the country and our quality installations are supported by a dedicated Aftercare service to ensure that our customers receive the service we promise. Our full membership of The Furniture Ombudsman reinforces our commitment to provide product and service excellence. Our membership of The Furniture Ombudsman and our obligation to it’s codes of practice gives all our clients the peace of mind that, in the unlikely event of an unresolved dispute with your purchase, you are able to contact The Furniture Ombudsman, who will provide an independent dispute resolution service. For more information about how our commitment to The Furniture Ombudsman can help you shop with confidence visit https://www.fhio.org.

 Peace of Mind

We know that some of our customers have had bad experiences with other companies in the past are understandably wary to invite new workmen into their homes and our dedicated and friendly team aim to ensure that all our customers remain completely satisfied throughout the Abbott-wade experience and endeavour to ensure any issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently. However, in addition to our strong and established reputation and decades of expertise our customers have the added peace of mind that as full members of The Furniture Ombudsman, in the highly unlikely event of a dispute, it can be handled by an independent dispute resolution service. The Furniture Ombudsman offers an independent means of resolving complaints against retailers who are supporters of the Ombudsman, as an alternative to the county court. All members must agree to accept the decisions made by the service. The Ombudsman can investigate and, if necessary, formally adjudicate. This involves assessing the facts and reaching a decision, including where appropriate, outlining action to resolve the matter.

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