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Timber Handrails

Every staircase installed by Abbott-Wade is bespoke using a range and combination of components to make each installation perfect for every home.

Our standard range of handrails provide options for every home and staircase style whether a glass or timber installation is required and are available in a variety of hardwoods including oak, walnut, ash, sapele or in a stained or painted finish. Of all the components of a staircase, the handrail takes a considerable amount of were and tear which is why we use high quality timbers, lacquers and paints.

The current favourite among our customers is our Contemporary Handrail which offers a comfortable handhold and like our other handrails can be grooved to accommodate our 10mm toughened glass, spindles or left ungrooved for clamped glass or when used a wall handrail.

Our Sleek Handrail allows a comfortable grip around the whole rail which not only provides an added safety element but lives up to its name with a sleek and modern appearance.

The Cube Handrail provides a stylish and modern look for a modern home with angular 90 degree corners and a matching baserail also available (see below).

Our Tapered Handrail is similarly angular but as the name suggests tapers into a narrower base improving the available handhold.

For more traditional staircases, the Classic Handrail offers a style more in keeping with a period staircase and is available in Classic and Large Classic for added grandeur with a matching baserail (see below).

HDR Handrail has been a standard handrail in many staircases for years and offers a firm and comfortable handhold thanks to the curved and tapering profile.

Pigs Ear handrail has a comfortable handhold and the sole purpose of being fitted directly onto the wall rather than a balustrade. This eliminates the need to brackets to secure the rail to the wall and, like all Abbott-wade wall handrails, is returned t the wall with a clever mitred finish to eliminate any visible end grain. This classic design takes its name from the appearance of the rail when viewed in profile.

Baserails sit at the base of the balustrade and house the lower sections of the glass or spindles.  Our Contemporary Baserail pairs best with our Contemporary, Sleek and HRD handrail with Cube and Classic Baserails pairing with the corresponding handrails.

Steel Handrails

Our Stainless Steel handrails are available in a brushed steel and polished steel finish and customised with a round or square profile rail.

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