The space under the stairs is often overlooked.

Most of us are guilty of cramming it with sports equipment, umbrellas, and other miscellaneous items that don’t have a home.

Although it will take some decluttering, this barren spot has loads of potential. For example, you could transform it into a wine cellar or a study for when you WFH.

Allow the team at Abbott-Wade to share some more modern staircase ideas to inspire you.

1.    A cloakroom

Having somewhere to hang coats is a great idea. You don’t want them to be thrown over the back of the sofa or on the bannister, and they definitely don’t belong on the floor.

The space under the stairs can be utilised as a cloakroom – providing ample space to store jackets for you and your visitors.

You could use over-the-door hooks or hang them along the back wall. Installing a rail and keeping coat hangers handy is another solution, or you could simply find a coat and hat stand that will fit in your space neatly.

2.    A gallery wall

Though this is one of the simplest modern staircase ideas on the list, it’s a fantastic way to personalise your space.

Print off some of your favourite family snaps and pop them in frames. Mix and match with print sizes and frames to create your desired look. Then, using Command strips, position them on the wall under the stairs.

Alternatively, purchase some modern art and display these pieces to complement the rest of your décor.

3.    A shoe cupboard

Are you forever tripping over shoes in the hallway?

Sounds like some additional storage space would be more than welcome – and we have just the solution!

Building some shelves or drawers under the stairwell will allow you to organise your flat shoes, boots, sandals, and stilettos and keep the hall clear, ensuring nobody breaks their neck!

4.    A downstairs loo

If you live in a busy household, there may be times when a single bathroom is not enough.

Having a toilet downstairs will prevent arguments, and also make it more accessible for you and any friends and family who have difficulty moving around.

By using the awkward space beneath the staircase for a toilet and wall-mounted sink, you could potentially increase the value of your home, should you decide to sell up and move.

5.    A cosy snug

Modern staircase ideas aren’t just about providing practical storage solutions…

You could create a cosy seating area in the otherwise wasted space under the stairs – perfect for relaxing with a good book in one hand and a brew (or glass of wine!) in the other.

Depending on how much space you have under the stairs, you might be able to squeeze in a loveseat, but a bean bag, plenty of cushions, and a fluffy throw will suffice.

6.    A games room

Nobody wants toys cluttering up every room in the house.

Whether it’s for cuddly teddys, jigsaws, or board games, the space under the stairwell is more than big enough. You could use organisers and foldable storage boxes to keep everything tidy and together, or hone your DIY skills and fit some shelves.

You may also consider allocating the small space under the stairs to the gamers in your household. There’s normally enough room for a desk and chair to be tucked in, allowing them to play their video games without disturbing the rest of the family and upsetting the aesthetics.

Discuss your ideas with the experts

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We will discuss your requirements in detail to find out your desired use for the space under the stairs. Once we know the basics, we can then get started on creating a design that’s both functional and stylish.

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