In many homes, the hallway is the first area you lay eyes on as you enter through the front door. And, if you live in a property with more than one floor, a staircase will likely be situated there too. At Abbott-Wade, we are the self-proclaimed staircase experts, and always look to give you the very best staircase ideas to enhance the look of your interior.

Once you’ve mastered the look of your stairs, perhaps it’s time to consider the surrounding area. The hallway can often be a section of the home that is overlooked, but why should this be the case? We thought we’d provide some ideas for your hallway that will not only support your stand out staircase perfectly, but will enhance the whole property – creating something that you will be in awe of for years to come.

Create a contrast

Contrasting colours are a great way to keep your décor looking fresh – your eyes will never get tired of looking at a bold hallway! There are many ways to incorporate contrasting shades into your space, including simply, the use of paint. This could be a contrast between your walls and your stairs for example, or the spindles of your stairs and the walls behind. You could even colour your stair treads in a variety of colours to add some uniqueness to your staircase design.

This disparity in colours helps keep your interior design fresh and easy on the eye. Go for shades that are too similar and you could run the risk of your staircase design becoming boring quickly.

After all, the hallway is an area to pass through instead of staying in, so experimenting and adding a bold style will provide the perfect pop of colour you need while you’re temporarily situated in this area.

Add some art

Some eye-catching artwork could be the ideal addition to your hallway, to help top off your ultimate staircase design. It gives you chance to put your own creative stamp on your interior, kitting it out with pieces of art that are to your personal taste.

Whether it be large canvases, smaller paintings or even artwork provided by your children, this source of decoration is a sure-fire way of adding a splash of colour. You have free reign over the art you would like to add, and can widen the room’s colour palette without committing to a permanent change.

A safe storage solution

For the more practical-minded out there, converting a wall in your hallway into storage space could be a godsend. Especially if you have a full house and space is at a premium, it may be useful to add some creative storage solutions to this part of your home. It could be an area to store ornaments for decoration, or as a space to keep all your odd socks to dip into on your way to work, the choice is yours!

Keep it personal to you

Ultimately, it’s important to decorate the hallway in a way that’s right for you. It’s your home, after all. So be sure to include things that you, personally, like. If you prefer a more minimalist approach, then apply the theory of ‘less is more’ and perhaps create a simple contrast between your walls and staircase.

Or, if you really want to stamp your own creativity on your staircase design ideas, you can create a mini art gallery as you ascend and descend the stairs. With the hallway being a passing room, you can take a more liberal approach than you would in the living room or kitchen. If you see something that takes your eye, it may be an excellent addition to your hallway!

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