How do I decorate my staircase

It is a well known fact that the staircase is one of the most important parts of the home – if you are in a building with more than one floor of course! This means that in a house, it will be used multiple times daily by all members of the household. This is as well as being one of the first things that guests see if you invite them over. As a result, many homeowners take great pride in the way their staircase looks, with many staircases being used as a way that best represents their modern tastes and styles, on top of their functional use.

If you’re struggling for staircase ideas to make your home personal to you, then fear not, the expert staircase suppliers at Abbott-Wade are on hand to share some of our favourites.

Use wall space to your advantage

How many times do you see stair walls that are left bare? Don’t get us wrong, there are some very smart wallpaper designs or paint shades out there – but why should you let this space go to waste? Many people prefer not to hang anything on stair walls in fear of them being knocked into and therefore falling off.

However, as long as you take care on the stairs, brilliant additions such as picture frames, pieces of art or even shelves as a storage option can really enhance the look of your staircase. You can create some strong contrasts with well chosen shades, giving you the standout look that you are craving with ease.

Creative stair faces

If you are truly looking to make your staircase your own, then why not let your creativity run wild and decorate your stair faces? If you don’t trust your steady hand, you can always ask a professional to do this for you. You could decide to go for a different pattern for every step or something consistent that runs along the whole piece of furniture. Let your imagination run wild and take ownership of your stairs.

A unique staircase design is becoming more and more popular in the modern home, so whether this is something that is busy and colourful or something more understated, it is sure to have the desired effect.

Make it practical

We’re all guilty of leaving coats, hats etc. on the bannister at the bottom of our stairs. Although this is convenient when grabbing items for when you are leaving the house, why not place some hooks on the wall to keep the streamlined look of your staircase, allowing it to be a place that showcases the style of your home, rather than an after thought as a makeshift coat hanger!

This gives your staircase the chance to truly flaunt it’s look without being held back. A fresh staircase design allows the true aesthetic you are trying to achieve to shine through, unopposed by any other potential eyesores!

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