Mr & Mrs Kumar, South London

Location: South London

Designer: Roger Burton



Why a new staircase?’
We are getting our house-future ready as well as getting a contemporary themed all-round renovation. When we found Abbott-Wade’s website we knew instantly what kind of design we wished to have for our dream staircase renovation and we looked no further.

‘Decision Making Process’
Abbott-Wade had the unique glass spindle design and that fitted our first choice of design.

Out of all the companies we researched for the project only Abbott-Wade offered the design we had in mind.

‘Style Process’
We chose oak and glass which we always wanted to do and opted for glass spindles rather than glass panels which we had in our mind right from the beginning.

‘End Result’
Our staircase is now absolutely spot-on to the dream we envisioned! We’re absolutely delighted and pleased with the outcome, both as the product, the service and then the ambience we desired.

“Thank you for the excellent execution of our dream project, for the amazing team-work and having such excellent design and the product as well.”


Warm natural oak posts and rails with sparkling 10mm glass spindles


Carpeted treads meeting wooden hallway flooring.

In Summary:

A striking transformation! From underwhelming hallway to bright and inviting focal point.

Staircase Renovations in South London

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